What distinguishes Antal Market Research?

  • Antal research provides answers to specific business problems. The theoretical framework and research results form the basis upon which practical recommendations are made.
  • Antal has 20 years of experience in operations and conducting research in the labour market. We are familiar with the challenges faced by HR departments, have thorough knowledge of the candidate market and know how to best reach accurate sources of information.
  • Our operations are international in scope, therefore we take into account the cultural characteristics of each market and sector.
  • We have access to 140 000 professionals and managers, as well as 230 000 individuals in our organisation that specialise in human resources management.

Why do organistations need research?

Research for companies

In what circumstances do companies need research?

  • Preparing for expanding the company: examining the labour market indicators in the target markets and business areas.
  • Creating realistic job offers, for example matching the offered salary to the required competences.
  • Devising effective employer branding strategies – what areas should you focus on? How to set priorities?
  • Obtaining information on the desired candidates: their age, interests and priorities, how do they wish to progress professionally?
  • Understanding prospective candidates: why did they decide to start working for their current company? What advantages and disadvantages do they see in their current job?
  • Solving business problems: for example, what causes difficulties in drawing in certain employees and how can these be avoided?

Research for institutions

In what circumstances do institutions need research?

  • Identifying the strengths and weaknesses of the available human capital in the region or sector.
  • Examining the unique features that would facilitate regional development or promotion of the sector.
  • Supplying information on the average salaries in the region or sector.
  • Devising effective promotional strategies of the region or sector – what areas should you focus on? How to set priorities?
  • Solving business problems: for example, why do the organisations operating in given sectors in the region face problems with reaching certain types of employees? What can be done to support the employers and, therefore, the regional policy?
  • Preparing information materials for prospective investors.

Antal research experience – examples

Badania Antal


Research process and tools

  • Web and telephone surveys (CATI & CAWI) – used when gathering quantitative data, aggregated into statistical data, is required. Allows examining the principles and rules behind a given phenomenon.
  • Focus groups and in-depth interviews – important when one wishes to attain a deeper understanding of the causes and nature of a given phenomenon.
  • Social media analysis – useful when one wishes to analyse trends and gain information on how a given phenomenon is perceived.
  • Observation – provides information that is unavailable for most, allows to uncover data that is not publicly available



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