The Antal Banking & Insurance division is responsible for recruiting banking and insurance professionals and managers on an international scale. The team of consultants, whose members possess practical experience gained in various areas of the sector, makes use of its business know—how, acquired through working for the leading financial institutions, to professionally conduct projects in the following areas: retail banking, corporate banking, insurance, private and investment banking, as well as leasing and factoring.  Our in-depth knowledge and extensive project portfolio enable us to present clients with specific business solutions, bringing about substantial change and measurable effects.

Selection of recruitment projects realised by Antal Banking & Insurance:

  • Relationship Manager (Corporate Banking, Leasing, Factoring),
  • Business Consultant (Small, SME, Corporate Banking)
  • Branch Director (Retail Banking/Corporate Banking/Insurance)
  • Regional Sales Manager (Banking/Insurance)
  • Director od Vindication and Restructuring Department Credit Analyst (SME Banking)
  • Sales Director (Insurance/ Banking)
  • Product Manager (Insurance/ Banking)
  • Actuary (Insurance)
  • Analyst
  • Claims Manager  (Insurance)
  • Project Manager (Banking/Insurance)
  • Sales Manager (Investment Banking)
  • Leasing Consultant (Leasing&Factoring)
  • Senior Leasing Analyst (Leasing&Factoring)

Sebastian Sala

Team Manager
Antal Banking & Insurance, Antal SSC/BPO

Sebastian earned a degree in Management (specialization: Enterprise Management and Human Resource Management) from the Warsaw School of Economics. He has been associated with the financial sector for the last 8 years.  He gained work experience within the structures of leading financial institutions. His job responsibilities included managing sales, managing bank branches, training sales department employees and implementing customer service standards. Sebastian is responsible for broadening Antal International's presence in the banking sector. He specializes in recruitment of mid and senior-level professionals and managers for retail, investment and corporate banking. 

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The project is conducted by a specialized Antal Banking & Insurance team. If you have any further questions, please don`t hesitate to contact us.


Expert articles

As a company, we were completely satisfied with the professionalism and the quality of the service provided. Thanks to Antal deep knowledge of the insurance sector in Poland, we have been able to meet some of the most highly qualified candidates in their field of expertise.

Colin Turner, Branch Manager Prevoi



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