The Antal Legal team's sole task is to recruit mid and senior-level candidates in the legal sector, including positions within the most renowned law firms, as well as in-house lawyers. Our work model combines professional networking and the consultants’ experience in the legal sector with their knowledge of work psychology.  This enables us to provide an exceptional quality of service exhibited by our pace of work and its high standard - the recommended candidates always fit the challenges and organizational culture specific to the client's company.   

Selection of recruitment projects realised by Antal Legal:

  • associate,
  • senior associate,
  • law firm partner,
  • in-house lawyer,
  • legal department director


Agnieszka Pastuła

Team Manager
Antal Legal, Antal HR & Admin

Agnieszka has 13 years of experience in recruitment agencies in Poland and UK. She began her career in London, in one of the largest agencies in the world, recruiting for the public sector. A graduate of the University of Economics in Krakow, she speaks fluent English. She obtained the REC Certificate (British Recruitment & Employment Confederation), which demonstrates best practices and high recruitment standards. She joined Antal in 2010 as a Sales & Marketing Team Manager. Currently, she coordinates the recruitment team which specializes in specialist and managerial positions in the area of HR, Administration and Legal. She herself recruits for key HR managerial and executive positions for international and local companies, in sectors such as SSC and BPO, banking and insurance, IT.

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The project is conducted by a specialized Antal Legal team. If you would like to receive more information, please feel free to contact us.


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