As much as 12 percent of respondents are considering expanding their business into Kraków. No other city in Poland can rival Kraków when it comes to the numbers of qualified workers, and its office market is the second-biggest in the country. Kraków earned 7.1 points out of 10 for investment attractiveness in the " Investment Potential" survey conducted by Antal and CBRE. What are the factors that have contributed to its success?

The availability of qualified workers, which still gives Poland a competitive edge, is the most important aspect to consider when planning new investment projects. Despite growing candidate expectations and very competitive conditions in the labour market, which some may consider as an added challenge, Poland's rapid economic growth continues attracting new investors. The European Economic Forecast shows that our country is growing faster than the EU average. Furthermore, last year's 335 new foreign investments resulted in the creation of almost 87 thousand jobs – a result unequalled by any other EU country. Why will Poland show up on the investment radar in 2018?

In 2018, professionals and managers will have plenty of job opportunities, coupled with salary increases, in the business services sector. Antal's research shows that 87% of SSC/BPO centres are planning to take on new employees and last year's salary growth rate, amounting to 15%, will most likely remain unchanged this year. Antal Experts also point out that salaries in the sector depend mostly on foreign language skills. The less popular the language, the higher the earnings. For instance, professionals who speak one of the Scandinavian languages can expect to earn up to PLN 2000 more than the average salary (gross).

HR professionals and managers earned PLN 9857 on average in 2017, which marks a PLN 1707 increase over the previous year. Interestingly, they now earn more than marketing specialists and salespeople, whose average salary in 2017 was PLN 9630. Antal experts note that the above figures prove the growing importance of HR departments, which are required to handle extensive recruiting and employer branding activities to counteract the current employee's market conditions.

IT professionals and managers  are  the blue-eyed boys of the labour market – they earn the most out of all groups included in the "2017 Antal Salary Report." Their average gross monthly salary is PLN 12 600 and has increased by 16% from last year. What is more, many IT employees earn more than PLN 10 000 even before turning 30.

The average gross monthly salary of professionals and managers in Poland in 2017 was PLN 11 662. The "2017 Antal Salary Report" shows that the average remuneration of professionals and managers has grown by 14% compared to the previous year and is now 2.5 times higher than the average monthly salary in the companies sector according to data collected by the Central Statistical Office of Poland. Antal experts underline that job security is not an issue for highly experienced and well-qualified professionals and managers, who may pick and choose from countless job offers, which leads to growing wage pressure.


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