1. How can I increase my chances of being included in Antal recruitment projects?

We encourage you to register your Candidate Profile and make sure to check the Job Alert box that allows us to send you email notifications with job offers matching your profile. You should also check the job offers posted on www.antal.pl on a regular basis and apply to those that correspond to your work experience. 

2. Should I upload my CV even if the available job offers do not fit my interests or qualifications?

We encourage you to register your Candidate Profile and upload your CV. Registered CVs are added to our database which is used when seeking suitable candidates for our recruitment projects. If your profile happens to fit the criteria of future recruitment projects, our consultant will find your CV in the database and contact you to present a job offer. We would also like to encourage you to check the Job Alert box that allows us to send you notifications about job offers in selected areas in your candidate profile preferences.

3. How does a recruitment process conducted by Antal consultants look like?

Each process consists of a series of stages. In-depth descriptions of each stage can be found here. Each project is different - its shape depends on the prospective employer's needs and requirements. The most frequently used methods of candidate verification include: job interviews, Assessment Centre, psychometric tests and checking the references from your previous employees.

4. Can Antal help me find my first job?

The recruitment projects conducted by Antal consultants usually aim to seek out suitable mid and senior-level professionals.  Therefore, the candidate's profile should include at least 2 years of work experience.  Job offers for individuals with no work experience are usually associated with the outsourcing of services and business processes sector (SSC/BPO).  We sometimes seek candidates with very rare qualifications, so your education alone may be the decisive factor, even if you do not have any prior work experience.  We would like to encourage you to create a candidate profile and follow the job offers posted on our website.

5. Am I required to pay in order to take part in recruitment projects conducted by Antal?

In accordance with Polish law, Antal does not charge its candidates.  All aspects of the cooperation between the candidate and Antal’s consultants, including promoting candidates in the job market, guiding them through the recruitment process and giving them career advice, are completely free of charge.

6. Do you have access to data concerning the average salaries of professionals?

Antal consultants specialize in the areas that they recruit in and, therefore, possess expert knowledge concerning specific market sectors, including average salaries. 
What is more, Antal conducts recurring research on this subject – Antal Salary Report. The main purpose is to show general profile of salaries in different disciplines and sctors.  To find out more about our salary research, visit this link.

7. Do you also seek candidates for foreign employment?

We are an international company, the Antal brand is present in 35 countries.  Most of our recruitment projects are limited to Poland, but sometimes we do seek candidates for foreign employment.  We may also recommend certain candidates to our foreign offices.

8. Why do you recommend uploading CVs in the .doc format?

CVs are incorporated into our database which is used to seek out suitable candidates. The .doc format works best with the search mechanisms that we use to screen the contents of CVs. Uploading your CV in this format will increase your chances of receiving job offers from our consultants. Find out how to write professional CV.

9. How do you approach candidates who operate their own business?

Entrepreneurship is highly valued by employers and for some positions it is crutial...    Expectations  depend on the kind of business that the candidate's company deals in, as well as the profile of the position that we are seeking candidates for. Currently, many companies decide to hire professionals on the basis of contracts which requires candidates to be self-employed. This practice is especially widespread in the IT sector. Get to know more about IT contracting.

10. Is it possible to apply for the position of consultant at Antal?

Antal is undergoing constant development and, therefore, always seeks to expand its team of consultants. We encourage you to examine the currently available employment offers in the "Career at Antal” section and, if interested, send in your application.  
We also offer student internship programme, which allow absolvents and last-years-students getting to know HR branch from the perspective of different sectors. The aim of the programme is to give the most knowledge and experience possible to allow interns to further develop themselves in the Antal structure.

11. Is fluent English necessary to take part in the recruitment processes conducted by your company?

Fluent English skills are very important. Antal International is an international company. Consultants conduct recruitment processes for international employers which offten require candidates with advance command of engish, therefore, consultants need to verify the candidates' English skills before we recommend them to employers.

12. What competencies are expected from candidates for the position of consultant at Antal?

As a rapidly developing company, initiative and independence are characteristics that we value most.  Our employees are individuals determined to reach goals and work towards their personal, as well as the organization’s, development.  We count on enterprising individuals who feel right at home in sales and can easily adapt to constant change.

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