IT Contracting offered by Antal IT Services is a flexible manner of cooperation within a set timeframe during which a specific task (project) is completed. This model of cooperation is very popular in Western European countries and is gaining recognition from Polish IT professionals. Contract work is chosen by managers and experts in certain technologies, as well as graduates of technological universities with under three years of work experience, albeit strongly focused on specific technologies. 

An average contract timeframe in the IT sector is 15 months. Self employment is the most common form of cooperation. Cooperation on the basis of contracts of specific work, contracts of mandate and permanent employment contracts is also possible.

Advantages of the IT Contracting:

  • Access to a wide range of projects and the possibility to chose those that correspond to the candidate’s interests and professional development goals
  • Fast development of knowledge and technical skills owing to the diversity of tasks and projects
  • Active development of professional qualifications owing to the possibility of undertaking active cooperation with numerous renowned companies operating in Poland and abroad in a shorter timeframe than would be possible in the case of permanent employment
  • Contracting allows the candidate to attain a deep knowledge of the market and establish business contacts that are sure to prove beneficial in future career development
  • Higher earnings - salaries offered to professionals who possess skills ideally suited to the needs of a given project are, on average, 30% higher compared to permanent employment agreements.
  • The possibility to choose projects with a convenient start date and duration.
  • Choosing the preferred form of cooperation, in accordance with personal needs, allows the candidate to better reconcile professional and private life.

How to begin?

Recruitment projects are conducted by the Antal IT Services team, which provides active support to contractors on every step of their professional path. If you wish to receive a personalized offer, tailored to your individual needs, contact an Antal IT Services consultant. Expert teams, working in Warsaw, Wrocław and Kraków, select suitable projects for each contractor who cooperates with us, and make efforts to obtain new contracts from clients who conduct technical processes on the domestic and European markets (ranging from programming companies working on software development and maintenance, the telecommunications sector, to implementation centres).


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