The results of the most recent, 7th edition of Antal's survey show that the majority of professionals and managers have seen their job situation improve last year. Candidates receive more and more job offers and raises, leading to numerous professional opportunities. This means that employers find it increasingly difficult to draw in and retain talent.

The Antal Attrition report indicates that attrition, a phenomenon in which employees decide to leave an organisation by their own decision, is an issue for 73% of the companies included in the study.  This presents a challenge to HR departments that may be solved by introducing advanced and appropriate employer branding strategies. 

71% of Polish employers declare that they were taking on professionals and managers at the time of the study, whereas 68% plan to do so in the coming quarter – these are the results of the most recent edition of Antal Global Snapshot, a study that examines the employment dynamics of professionals and managers in key sectors of the Polish and global economies. 

One in three professionals and managers (33%) has worked abroad in the past, whereas 67% declared to have never worked outside of Poland. Currently, 9% of the respondents are working abroad – as demonstrated by the results of the second edition of the "IT@PL - The IT Labour Market in Poland" Antal study. 

Professionals and managers in Poland are willing to take up new career opportunities. The results of the fifth edition of the "Job-Seeking Activity Among Professionals and Managers" report demonstrate that one in four of the respondents is actively searching for a new job (25%). A half of the respondents are passively seeking for new jobs (making their CVs available to interested parties through recruitment portals and social media and being open to new employment opportunities – 53%).

The Tri-City job market is becoming increasingly attractive with each passing year, especially for companies operating in the shared services (SSC/BPO) and IT sectors According to the data published by the Central Statistical Office, the unemployment rate in the Pomerania Province in August of this year was 11.4%.  However, in the Gdańsk County the unemployment rate was only 8.9%, and in Gdańsk itself 5.8%, which attests to the good condition that the market is in. The region is rich in highly qualified professionals and managers who know Scandinavian languages and specialise in the following areas: finance, HR, logistics and purchasing. New shared services centres are being established and the ones already operating are undergoing constant development which increases demand for candidates with knowledge of German, French, Dutch and Hungarian. 

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