When faced with necessary organizational changes coupled with changes in role structure, outplacement is a service that provides Employees with support. When faced with necessary organizational changes coupled with changes in role structure, outplacement is a service that provides Employees with support in finding their way in the labour market and helps Employers retain a positive internal and external brand image.Outplacement is a service that is meant to provide support to Employers and Employees when organizational changes leading to role structure changes are being implemented. Such periods are critical and often very stressful for Participants, therefore we try our best to provide the necessary support starting at the beginning of the process and concluding with the Participant finding a job. Our support helps Participants to let go of the emotions that come with sudden changes in their careers, but also examine their strengths and professional experience. The six-month period of working with a recruiter allows Participants to familiarize themselves with the labour market and learn to competently present their skills.

Who may benefit:

  • companies faced with organizational changes.

The implementation process:

Benefits resulting from implementing the project:

    • the lead consultant will provide the participant with the necessary knowledge and ensure that the participant uses it effectively to successfully navigate the labour market
    • The Consultants' thorough knowledge of the industry allows them to verify key competences and ensure that the participant fits the job position profile and the company's organizational culture
    • as a recruitment agency, we include outplacement programme participants in our recruiting projects using the most innovative and advanced recruiting methods
    • we collaborate with other companies to provide courses in foreign languages and professional skills that are meant to fill the candidates' competence gaps
    • having a specialised company handle the project allows the employer to retain their good brand image, both internally (among the remaining employees) and externally (the local community, customers, labour market institutions)

Małgorzata Pukropek

HR Consulting Manager

Małgorzata graduated from the University of Social Sciences and Humanities. She earned certifications in the use of the following psychometric tools: Self Management Group (SMG) and Hogan Assessment Systems (HAS).  Małgorzata was awarded a Professional Business Trainer certificate and completed the Coachwise Essentials course.  She has several years of work experience in sales and human resource management structures.

Małgorzata heads the Antal HR Consulting team, offering a rich portfolio of evaluation and development tools. Małgorzata cooperates with clients and delivers pre-selection, selection and development solutions using Self Management Group tools . She focuses on helping businesses achieve a high ROI level by fully using skills potential within organisation, cutting costs, lowering employee turnover and increasing sales force performance. 

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The project is conducted by a specialized Antal HR Consulting team. If you would like to receive more information, please don`t hesitate to contact us.



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