Employee Satisfaction Research aims to raise employee effectiveness and productivity, lower turnover and plan investment in employee development tools. The service that we offer is an investment that may have a positive effect on optimizing your company’s expenses and increase efficiency which, in turn, will lead to better financial results. Employee satisfaction research should be conducted in any organization, regardless of its size. Recurring research achieves the best results, as it allows an ongoing observation of dedication levels and monitoring the positive effects brought about by the implementation of improvement measures. An ongoing, professional analysis will deliver reliable and practical information concerning employee expectations and attitudes.

Who may benefit:

Employee Satisfaction Research is meant for companies that:

  • care about employer branding
  • wish to single out the factors that have the biggest positive impact on motivation and satisfaction levels of their employees, 
  • expect an in-depth, reliable description of the current situation within the organization.

Benefits for the client:

  • comprehensive information concerning the current level of employee satisfaction presented in an accessible format,
  • a high level of research integrity guaranteed by the use of professional methodology,
  • a comprehensive report summarizing the research results and outlining areas which are in need of change,
  • an outline of unused employee potential,
  • professional support in the areas of communication and conducting research within the company,
  • strengthening the company’s image as an organization which cares for the needs and development of employees, while remaining open to their opinions,
  • broadening the knowledge of management and HR staff in the area of motivational and development tool effectiveness,
  • a decrease in workforce fluctuation and ensuring retention of the company’s most talented employees,
  • an increase in client loyalty and satisfaction levels,
  • improved individual and group work quality and efficiency,
  • devising more suitable employee development plans,

Korzyści dla pracowników klienta:

  • an opportunity to take part in the research and influence its shape,
  • an opportunity to take part in post-implementation development projects

Małgorzata Pukropek

HR Consulting Manager

Małgorzata graduated from the University of Social Sciences and Humanities. She earned certifications in the use of the following psychometric tools: Self Management Group (SMG) and Hogan Assessment Systems (HAS).  Małgorzata was awarded a Professional Business Trainer certificate and completed the Coachwise Essentials course.  She has several years of work experience in sales and human resource management structures.

Małgorzata heads the Antal HR Consulting team, offering a rich portfolio of evaluation and development tools. Małgorzata cooperates with clients and delivers pre-selection, selection and development solutions using Self Management Group tools . She focuses on helping businesses achieve a high ROI level by fully using skills potential within organisation, cutting costs, lowering employee turnover and increasing sales force performance. 

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The project is conducted by a specialized Antal HR Consulting team. If you would like to receive more information, please feel free to contact us.




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