Companies have to compete over talent. More and more sectors are now an employees' market. Employers face the challenging task of not only drawing in, but also retaining employees. Losing key qualifications is a huge risk, as it has a negative impact on operations, prevents organizations from reaching their strategic goals and generates additional costs.

According to Antal's research on employee attrition, the main reason why seasoned employees decide to resign is because they are offered a higher salary by the competition. Remunerations are one of the most important factors contributing to employee engagement and loyalty. Companies that do not implement a suitable remuneration policy will most likely experience a drop in efficiency coupled with growing attrition, translating into higher HR costs.

Therefore, designing and implementing attractive remuneration schemes is becoming crucial as it greatly reduces employee turnover and increases engagement and motivation. Remuneration schemes require a comprehensive approach and may improve the company's competitiveness and attractiveness in addition to making operations more cost effective.

To meet the needs of companies that face the abovementioned challenges, Antal joined forces with the Óżóg Tomczykowski law firm to provide support in designing remuneration schemes, allowing companies to achieve their strategic goals.

How will you benefit

Thanks to better remuneration management, your employees will be much less likely to resign. This will allow you to:

Małgorzata Pukropek

HR Consulting Manager

Małgorzata graduated from the University of Social Sciences and Humanities. She earned certifications in the use of the following psychometric tools: Self Management Group (SMG) and Hogan Assessment Systems (HAS).  Małgorzata was awarded a Professional Business Trainer certificate and completed the Coachwise Essentials course.  She has several years of work experience in sales and human resource management structures.

Małgorzata heads the Antal HR Consulting team, offering a rich portfolio of evaluation and development tools. Małgorzata cooperates with clients and delivers pre-selection, selection and development solutions using Self Management Group tools . She focuses on helping businesses achieve a high ROI level by fully using skills potential within organisation, cutting costs, lowering employee turnover and increasing sales force performance. 

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The project is conducted by a specialized Antal HR Consulting team. If you would like to receive more information, please don`t hesitate to contact us.



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