Antal Market Research is a specialized division responsible for preparing labour market analyses. The division prepares reports that outline current labour market trends and is able to provide detailed analyses covering specific areas and issues per client request. Antal Market Research prepares: salary reports, employer image reports and human resources investment potential reports in selected sectors and regions.

Salary research

We prepare comprehensive salary reports covering selected market areas. Our specialized teams are able to deliver salary data concerning even the most niche of professions. Each study is designed and carried out in accordance with the client's individual needs. The data provided in the reports will:

  • outline the salaries that are currently offered to candidates,
  • allow you to make informed business decisions,
  • include an analysis of the competences available on the labour market,
  • allow you to narrow down the target group (the sector, professional experience, competences reflected by certificates, etc.),
  • not require you to disclose any information concerning your company's employees.

Employer brand image research

When the market starts to favour candidates, the opinion that they have of your company becomes a key factor that directly influences the costs and duration of recruitment processes and the scale of employee turnover. Antal Market Research is able to carry out employer brand image research on a specific target group of the client's choosing (e.g. IT professionals). The research report will outline the employer's strengths and areas that are in need of further development. It will also indicate which communication channels should be used to spread information about the company and new job openings. Antal employer brand image reports will provide answers to the following questions:

  • Are prospective employees aware of your employer brand?
  • What is the brand commonly associated with (e.g. stability, innovation, modern solutions)?
  • What do candidates know about the company? Are they aware of what is offered to prospective employees?
  • Where do candidates find information about the company?
  • How does your brand compare to the competition?
  • What separates your company from the competition?
  • How to draw in new employees?
  • What reasons do candidates give for accepting or refusing to work for your company?
  • Will your employees recommend you as an employer to their friends and acquaintances?
  • What factors are important for prospective employees?
  • What are the strengths and weaknesses of your company's employer brand image?
  • Were your employer branding campaigns effective?

Research on candidate availability and human resources investment potential

When a company is considering to branch out into a new region, the available human capital may be decisive for the success of the undertaking and has a direct influence on costs. Antal is able to carry out extensive research that will determine:

  • the educational potential in specific fields of specialization,
  • the availability of competences on a given market,
  • how difficult it will be to draw in employees,
  • the estimated recruitment duration,
  • the salaries in specific locations,
  • the characteristics of a given region that could have an impact on drawing in human capital.

We are also able to prepare comparisons between selected locations both in Poland and abroad.

Why Antal Market Research?

  • Antal research provides answers to specific business problems. The theoretical framework and research results form the basis upon which practical recommendations are made.
  • Antal has 20 years of experience in operations and conducting research in the labour market. We are familiar with the challenges faced by HR departments, have thorough knowledge of the candidate market and know how to best reach accurate sources of information.
  • Our operations are international in scope, therefore we take into account the cultural characteristics of each market and sector.
  • In our organisation we have access to 140 000 professionals and managers, as well as 230 000 individuals that specialise in human resources management.


Agnieszka Wójcik

Agnieszka Wójcik

Market Research Manager

Agnieszka earned a degree in Sociology from Warsaw University. She has been associated with sector of consulting services in the area of the labor market for last 8 years. She started her career in the Association of Employment Agencies. She gained work experience gained in the structures of the leading recruitment and HR consulting companies on positions related to the research of labour market, public relations and marketing. In Antal she is responsible for the area of market research. She specializes in business analysis, research projects for the organization and promotion of institutions.

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