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I need to quickly find a candidate with unique competencies
Due to narrow specialization in sectors and disciplines and highly developed network, Antal consultants will quickly find a candidate that suits your needs.
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I need information about the labour market trends in my sector
Our consultants specialize in specific sectors and disciplines. Therefore, they are experts in their respective areas of the labour market. Read reports from Antal research about labour market.
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I’m looking for an IT specialist for a project
The Antal IT Services division offers IT Contracting services. An Antal consultant specializing in the recruitment of IT specialists will find a suitable outsourced candidate.
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I’m recruiting sales professionals and need to evaluate their potential to success in sales
Antal International is the official Polish distributor of SMG tests (including Personal Orientation Profile, (POP) which are ideally suited for evaluating sales aptitude.
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I need an impartial evaluation of the competencies of my employees or job candidates
We specialize in implementation and consultation of periodic evaluation systems, as well as Assessment/Development Centre projects.
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I want to appoint a manager through internal promotion and need impartial evaluation
Antal is the official Polish distributor of TestManagement Pro, a selection and development test designed to forecast the probability of an individual's success in a managerial position, as well as provide support in retaining and planning the development of the organization’s most successful managers.
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I’m creating a new job position and need assistance in defining it
Contact a manager of the relevant Antal division, i.e. specializing in the area that encompasses the new position. Due to their narrow specialization, focus on a specific group of positions and experience in conducting projects for diverse clients, our consultants are able to provide suggestions on a position profile best suited to the needs of your organization
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We are going to establish new Shared Service Centre and we are looking for experienced business partner
We support investors entering new markets and companies building new structures, among other things in BPO sector. Contact with Manager of Antal SSC/BPO division that specialize in challenging and massive recruitment processes to shared service centers. Antal SSC/BPO consultants have expert knowledge to advise You on the best localization in terms of availability of qualified employees.
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