Today's rapid changes in the labour market make it necessary to adopt a strategic approach to employer branding in order to systematically draw in and retain the best talent. We wish to answer the needs of our clients and, therefore, decided to add Employer Branding services, i.e. campaigns aimed at building a strong and positive employer image both inside and outside of the organization, to our portfolio.

ANTAL Employer Branding includes assessing the employer's current situation, devising a strategy and implementing suitable tools. We carry out broad, strategic projects, as well as assessments of specific areas and implementations of selected tools.

What makes Antal Employer Branding stand out?

  • We are the only company that carries out complex Employer Branding projects utilizing our extensive knowledge of the labour market,
  • Our project teams consist of experts in all areas that are crucial for building an employer's image: recruitment, analysis, marketing communication and IT tools,
  • When working on Employer Branding projects we place emphasis on measurable results, therefore we employ a comprehensive approach and ensure that the implementation phase is preceded by carrying out all necessary analyses.

List of Antal Employer Branding services:

Antal Employer Branding services


  • Full range of qualitative and quantitative research,
  • Analysis of the employer's image in the Internet,
  • Verification of the competition's activities and the current conditions in the sector,
  • In-depth analysis of employee satisfaction and commitment,
  • Identifying the employer's unique strengths,
  • Auditing key parameters linked with recruiting and retaining employees.


  • Devising short- and long-term strategies,
  • Creating a matrix of goals and KPIs,
  • Selecting communication channels and tools aimed at specific target groups,
  • Preparing action and communication plans,
  • Optimizing budgets and tools.


  • Comprehensive campaigns in the Internet,
  • Social media activities,
  • Communication through traditional media,
  • Coordination of events and activities outside of the Internet,
  • Creating solutions meant to support internal communications.

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