IT Contracting is a service based on IT specialist outsourcing. IT Contracting offered by Antal IT Services is a flexible manner of cooperation within a set timeframe during which a specific task (project) should be carried out. The IT Contracting services provided by Antal IT Services involve assigning qualified IT specialists to our clients. This business solution makes it possible to expand the company’s IT team with additional professionals on short notice, or create new teams altogether, without the need to utilize the company's internal recruitment procedures.

Why is IT Contracting worth considering?

  • Flexible employment suited to changing needs that allows temporary expansion or supplementation of company structures.
  • Fluent execution of tasks during periods of heightened activity and numerous temporary projects without the need of hiring permanent employees
  • Utilizing the competencies and experience of individuals without the need of providing permanent employment (T&M model)
  • Limiting the number of employees and the company’s hiring needs which, in effect, lowers employment risk

The advantages of using Antal International’s IT Contracting

  • Quick access to IT professionals
  • Dynamic cooperation - we adjust to the changes that may be encountered during the execution of a project
  • Consultancy regarding team development and mixed team management (teams consisting of permanent and external employees)
  • Comprehensive support provided to the employer during the project’s execution
  • Outsourcing recruitment and candidate verification tasks
  • Outsourcing human resource and payroll formalities.

Try & Hire

Due to market demand, we have added the Try & Hire service to our offer. This model supplements the IT Contracting services by giving your company a chance to hire an IT expert once their contract is terminated. Beside the advantages of contract employment, you will also have an opportunity to verify the IT professional’s competencies and efficiency before deciding on permanent employment. This will allow you to avoid bad employment decisions.


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