Recruitment Process Outsourcing (RPO)

Recruitment Process Outsourcing (RPO) is an advanced form of cooperation that aims to achieve comprehensive and professional management of employee acquisition and recruitment by a specialist provider. 

There are three distinct types of RPO:

  • Product RPO – simultaneous recruitment of a large group of mid and senior-level employees with different fields of expertise, conducted by consultants specializing in their respective disciplines. Ideally suited for periods of fast company growth, e.g. opening new branches.  Allows to satisfy increased recruitment needs within a short timeframe.
  • Programme RPO -  long-term cooperation involving recruitment of employees in a single area. Antal provides constant assistance to a company’s internal HR department focusing on recruiting candidates for a specific department or positions with a very high turnover.
  • Comprehensive RPO – a long-term cooperation, outsourcing the entire recruitment process. Antal provides support in planning future development of the company, consultancy in the areas of key skills that will be needed and the profile of the desired candidate.  Comprehensive RPO encompasses intensive recruitment projects for diverse positions, as well as recruitment support in a specific area of specialization. We also guarantee to find suitable candidates for the total number of positions required by the client. 

RPO is the best solution in the case of companies that:

  • Have increased short or long term recruitment needs
  • Are undergoing fast development: creating new departments, offering new services, opening new branches
  • Are working on innovative projects and, therefore, require experts with unique qualifications
  • Conduct simultaneous recruitment for diverse job positions
  • Are entering the Polish market
  • Wish to optimize their competence base

RPO advantages:

  • Fast execution (time to hire)
  • Cost optimization (cost to hire)
  • Easier access to talent
  • Flexible solutions

Why should I choose Antal as my RPO provider?

  • Antal is the only company in the market to offer RPO for mid and senior-level specialist positions. 
  • Antal consultants specialize in narrow fields of expertise – sectors and disciplines
  • They have thorough knowledge of the work characteristics and market trends, as well as a wide network of contacts, within their fields of expertise
  • Working with us will grant your company access to talent in key areas

The RPO service execution:

Cooperation options:

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