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Outplacement consists in managing the last stage of an employee's lifecycle, i.e. termination.

It is an inherently stressful time for all parties involved. Therefore, our team of qualified specialists is ready to provide professional support and help relieve stress. Once the employee is ready, meetings with recruiters will be scheduled to help him or her analyse their future career possibilities, examine their strengths and development areas. Competency testing, CV analysis and determining future avenues of career development will help the terminated employees to regain self confidence and find their footing.

By providing outplacement services to terminated employees the employer builds trust and a feeling of security among the workforce. Furthermore, having an outplacement policy proves that the company is intent on building long-term relationships and treating its employees fairly, both of which translate into a positive brand image.

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Artur Migoń Vice President of the Board

He graduated from Cracow University of Economics with a Master's degree in Management and Marketing, specialization: Functioning and Development of Enterprises and Company Management. Artur has over 9 years of experience in heavy industry. Since March 2005, he had worked as a consultant at Antal International, later being promoted to head of the Manufacturing & Technology team which, after several years of development, was transformed into a division consisting of experts, recruitment professionals and managers in the areas of production, technology, quality, process optimization, supply chain, project management and technology transfer. The division conducts recruitment projects within every branch of the manufacturing sector - ranging from food production, automotive production, all types of construction, to energy and mining. Since 2015, V-ce President of the Management Board and an active recruiter specializing in the recruitment processes of senior and top management, cooperating with global companies and leading entrepreneurs in Poland.