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Remuneration Audit

Attractive salaries are among the most important factors that determine a company's success in the market. Well-paid employees are engaged employees, and candidates take salaries into consideration when considering job offers. Keeping abreast of current trends and modifying your company's standards accordingly will give you a competitive edge.

Conducting a remuneration audit will demonstrate how your company compares with the competition and help you diagnose the issues that lead to dropping employee motivation, engagement and work efficiency. Adjusting remunerations to fit economic trends should be regarded as investing in human capital – an indispensable asset for innovative market leaders.

Below are listed some of the most important advantages of remuneration audits:

  • Increasing net salaries using available tax and legal solutions at no additional cost to the organisation.

  • More efficient usage of salary funds:

- allocating funds to minimise the risk of employee resignations,

- ensuring that company goals are met.

  • Ensuring that the implemented solutions are safe and will not be questioned by tax and ZUS (Social Insurance Institution) inspectors.

  • Implementing a comprehensive approach to remunerations by analysing alternative remuneration solutions and making base remunerations an integral part of the company's remuneration and human resources management policies.

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Anna Piotrowska-Banasiak photo
Anna Piotrowska-Banasiak Development Director, Business Unit Manager Antal Sales & Marketing

A headhunter with more than a dozen years of experience supporting international companies in the Polish, Hungarian and British markets. Responsible for key client relationships, project management and co-creating recruiting strategies for leading Polish and international organizations. A valued labor market expert, member of the "Siła Przyciągania" competition jury which recognizes the best practices in attracting, growing and retaining talent.

Has been associated with Antal since 2006. Having started out as a consultant, she was promoted to Team Leader and, later, Team and Division Manager. In the latter role, she was responsible for establishing and maintaining long-term partnerships with clients and candidates.

She currently serves as Antal's Development Director and manages the company's Sales & Marketing division. She takes active part in recruiting senior managers and leads a team of specialists who seek out suitable candidates for key specialist, managerial and directorial roles in sales and marketing. Furthermore, she is involved in strategic projects and supports the growth of Antal's business lines, including Antal HR Consulting, Antal Employer Branding and Antal Market Research.