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Professional Sanitary Audits

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Artur Migoń Vice President of the Board

EVIPER is a professional sanitary audit which allow employers to prepare the organization for the safe return of employees to the company's offices.

EVIPER is a comprehensive consulting service designed for the needs of all types of business operations ranging from the office environment, through trade and services, to production and manufacturing.

What is the EVIPER sanitary audit service?
Sanitary audit service according to EVIPER system (Enterprise Virus Infection Preventive Examination & Resolution) - has been prepared by practitioners with many years of experience in the field of medicine and emergency medical services, safety and hygiene as well as the strategy for labor market. Its purpose is to prepare the organization for the safe return of employees to the company's offices and factories. Our experts have hands-on experience in the fight against SARS-CoV-2 virus and COVID-19 disease gained during missions in Poland, Italy and the USA. Our experts where rewarded by amercian government for their service and outstanding commitment with medal od merit.

The SARS-CoV-2 pandemic has changed the countries, economies and societies in an unpredictable and radical way. It also had a huge impact on the functioning of enterprises and organizations that form the economic foundations of the modern world. Based on the current state of epidemiological knowledge about SARS-CoV-2, we must all realize that:

  • It becomes impossible to eliminate the virus without having an effective vaccine.
  • A significant proportion of citizens will have or will come into contact with the virus sooner or later.
  • The process of combating the epidemic will last a long time - currently it is expected to last several months.
  • It is not possible to maintain full economic restrictions for a long time.
  • Each of the business entities wishing to continue its business under new conditions must include in the catalog of basic threats the operational risk associated with SARS-CoV-2 and make a quick adaptation to new ambient conditions.

Bearing in mind the completely new, not yet existing in our country conditions for doing business, meeting market expectations, we offer a sanitary audit service according to EVIPER system.

The service includes assessment of the biological hazard associated with SARS-CoV-2 that allows the development, implementation and maintenance of effective and efficient procedures to make proper operational decisions in the face of a pandemic.

The EVIPER service may contain all or selected components:

  • Sanitary audit and biological risk assessment of a part or all of the organization.
  • Preparation or support in the preparation of biosecurity procedures and instructions.
  • Technical consultancy in the selection, proper placement and implementation of technical and / or organizational measures.
  • Control and / or supervision* of the organization's biological safety status.
  • Preparation of procedures in the event of a virus in the organization.
  • Monitoring and informing the organization of any legal changes and / or normative ones that may affect its biological safety*

*subscription services

Companies have so far made efforts to return to work safely. They did it by themselves, often without expert consultation, and based on reports from non-medical sources (i.e. in many cases incomplete and containing the so-called "information noise").

EVIPER is a consulting service developed by experts that allows you to limit the risks associated with the spread of a virus in an organization, provided that it is properly implemented and that the system recommendations are maintained.

If you want to be sure of the security and safety of your organization, trust the team of experts and protect your organization.

The proposed biological risk assessment according to the EVIPER system is a comprehensive and multidimensional service. It allows the organization to establish, implement and maintain effective barriers against the invisible enemy SARS-CoV-2.

Only a comprehensive and multidimensional assessment allows you to think about the real and not virtual security of your organization. Remember - the level of organization security is as effective and stable as its weakest link.

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Artur Migoń photo
Artur Migoń Vice President of the Board

He graduated from Cracow University of Economics with a Master's degree in Management and Marketing, specialization: Functioning and Development of Enterprises and Company Management. Artur has over 9 years of experience in heavy industry. Since March 2005, he had worked as a consultant at Antal International, later being promoted to head of the Manufacturing & Technology team which, after several years of development, was transformed into a division consisting of experts, recruitment professionals and managers in the areas of production, technology, quality, process optimization, supply chain, project management and technology transfer. The division conducts recruitment projects within every branch of the manufacturing sector - ranging from food production, automotive production, all types of construction, to energy and mining. Since 2015, V-ce President of the Management Board and an active recruiter specializing in the recruitment processes of senior and top management, cooperating with global companies and leading entrepreneurs in Poland.