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An effective start to the new year at your company? Conduct an engagement and satisfaction survey among your employees!

Changes in current legislation, a new tax system, the pandemic, fighting a wave of employee burnout and facing new needs – that is how you can picture the start of 2022 for many organisations. It is no secret that engaged and satisfied employees are the key to success and high business performance. How do you measure the mood in your organisation and keep it at a satisfactory level? The answer is simple! Conduct – together with Antal – an engagement and satisfaction survey among your employees in order to learn about the strong and weak points of your organisation.

The survey findings will help to direct, among others, the communication, training and HR management activities and – in particular cases – will allow to implement a corrective action plan and to react to alarming changes in a timely manner. Involvement of the HR department, cooperation with the Antal Market Research Unit, adjustment of the survey to the client’s needs, smooth conduct of the action and openness of the employees are the keys to success.

A broad spectrum of benefits for your organisation

For decision-makers, the survey results provide real knowledge of what is currently going on in the company. Thanks to the knowledge, they can quickly make the right decisions which will contribute to the improvement of employees’ satisfaction and engagement, as well as limit employee turnover. The survey’s findings will also enable managers to plan investment in the development and retain key employees, gain greater awareness of the impact of leadership style on the organisation, and even improve the effectiveness of individual leaders. The results of the survey will also provide guidance on planning internal and external employer branding activities. Employees who feel they have a real influence on the organisation are more committed to it and trust it more. Involved and motivated people mean a better working atmosphere, a positive attitude towards their responsibilities and duties, lower absenteeism and higher effectiveness. 

It is worth noting that engaged and motivated employees also guarantee low employee turnover, thus saving and avoiding financial investment due to the necessity of renewing recruitment processes. Antal recruiters’ experience shows that their clients are often faced with the phenomenon of ‘unwanted employee turnover’ which could be avoided if the factors negatively influencing job satisfaction and engagement were verified beforehand.

Results and plan for the future

Each company that decides to cooperate with Antal receives a comprehensive research report after the survey has been conducted, which contains extensive information on both employee engagement and satisfaction for the entire organisation. The report also contains results broken down into individual groups defined in advance with the client, e.g. results for individual job groups (managers, employees), seniority, age of employees). The client also receives a list of factors which have a direct and strongest impact on the satisfaction and engagement of all employees, as well as a list of points which pose the greatest risk and require urgent remedial action. The report is crowned with conclusions and suggestions for improvement with regard to the identified groups of employees and the entire company.

Antal experts provide additional support in establishing a culture of employee engagement through HR consulting, the possibility of preparing a strategy to strengthen or maintain employee engagement and satisfaction, as well as to prepare and implement an employer branding strategy.

Aleksandra Trzcińska
Project Coordinator

In case of any questions do not hesitate to contact our expert via Linked in: https://www.linkedin.com/in/aleksandra-trzci%C5%84ska-59b22710a/

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