Interview with Małgorzata Pukropek, psychologist and Antal HR Consulting expert

Recruitment projects that involve a large number of employees are usually associated with unskilled or seasonal jobs. It is increasingly often the case, however, that companies are looking to hire dozens or hundreds of white collar workers. Antal experts will give you some pointers on how to maintain the quality of processes when recruiting large numbers of professionals.

Job interviews can be stressful, regardless if you are taking your first steps in the job market or have years of professional experience under your belt and are looking for new challenges. Interviews allow employers to verify their expectations regarding their future employees They are also an opportunity for candidates to present themselves and find out whether the job is right for them. Self-presentation skills are essential if you wish to succeed in the job market.

Professionals and managers who receive a counter-offer should treat it as a compliment – it shows that the company values them and does not want to part ways with experienced experts. However, Antal's observations suggest that accepting a counter-offer may be risky. You should be aware of the motives behind it.

Candidates often make the error of only listing the name of the company, their position and the time that they worked there. That information is not very useful to recruiters as it says nothing about the candidate's competencies. Therefore, when your CV says nothing more about you, you may miss many job opportunities.

If you want your professional profile to be more than just a web-based resume, you should familiarize yourself with our tips that will help you optimize your social networking profile and use the seemingly static page to create your personal brand.


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