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Terms and Conditions

The below Terms and Conditions apply to the use of the Antal.pl (Antal Sp. z o. o.) website operated by Antal Sp. z o. o., ul. Puławska 2, 02 – 566 Warsaw, KRS [National Court Register number] 0000825336, NIP [Taxpayer Identification Number] 5252813780.

Users are required to accept the Terms and Conditions in order to be able to use the website and the services offered through it. Antal Sp. z o. o. reserves the right to change the below Terms and Conditions. If you do not accept the below terms and conditions, you are not allowed to access the website and the services offered through it. If this is the case, you are asked to leave the website.

Antal Sp. z o. o. has the right to deny access to the website (access is defined as being able to make use of any type of service and information that are made available through the website) or some of its components for causes that it deems important, at any time, without providing an explanation.


Users of the website agree to abide by the following terms:

The website may not be used for causes that are against the law. Therefore, using the website to send imprecise, incomplete or false information (in the case of candidates – information concerning their biography) or submitting such information directly to the website is forbidden.

Using the website to send slander, insults, threats, obscenities, offensive content that may act to the detriment of others, as well as other kinds of inappropriate content, or submitting such content directly to the website, is forbidden.

Users of the website agree not to use it to send or directly submit data containing viruses and other harmful content that may interfere with the website's functioning, as well as content that may modify or denounce information that the website's user is not authorized to modify or remove.

The same terms apply to content which may cause the website to freeze, i.e. spam content. Users also agree not to use any type of device or software to hack, delay or damage – actions that will affect the website’s functioning.

Therefore, users of the website agree not to undertake any actions that may have a negative impact on the reputation of Antal Sp. z o. o., as well as actions that may insult other individuals, be abusive or threatening.


Are not required to make any form of payment to use the website and all services and functionalities that it offers.

Users must be aware that we may, at any time, require them to confirm their identity, address, contact details and information concerning their current employment status and the identity of their current employer.


Users are required to abide by the terms and conditions when submitting information through the website or applications accessed through the website.

Antal Sp. z o. o. reserves the right to collect information and statistics, in accordance with the Personal Data Protection Act, concerning individuals who visit the site for recruitment, business and marketing purposes.  The data may be used to provide assistance on every stage of the recruitment process, as well as presenting offers of other specialist services via e-mail, telephone or post.

In justified circumstances, Antal Sp. z o. o. will determine the degree in which a user’s actions comply with the above terms and conditions and reserves the right to immediately bar him or her from using the website, removing all content that does not comply with the Terms and Conditions or is considered inappropriate without stating the reasons.

The collected data may be transferred to third parties that support the recruitment process – parties associated with or cooperating with Antal Sp. z o. o. headquartered in Wrocław and potential employers. Personal data is processed in accordance with the Privacy Policy and the Personal Data Protection Act of 29.08.1997, Dz. U. [Journal of Laws] No 133, Item 833.


The website, services and functionality offered by Antal Sp. z o. o. are delivered without express and implied warranties. We do not guarantee the proper functioning of the website and other services and functionalities available through the website.  We cannot be held liable for the website being unavailable due to maintenance, implementation of improvements and technical issues that fall beyond our control.

All aspects of the website may change, be suspended or terminated at any time, including access to all types of forms, databases and other content. Antal Sp. z o. o. reserves the right to introduce amendments to the terms of using the website at any time by including these amendments in the Terms and Regulations pertaining to the use of the website which can be accessed at https://en.antal.pl/regulations. Users are required to agree to the new terms when using the website.

Users acknowledge that we cannot be held liable for any imprecise and inaccurate content that we have received in good faith to publish on our website.

Antal Sp. z o. o. cannot be held liable for any loss or damage that may fall upon individuals depending on information published on the website or making use of this information. Antal Sp. z o. o. will not be held liable for:
a) loss of income, loss of profits associated with a contract, loss of current and anticipated salary, making future employment prospects and professional capabilities impossible to achieve, loss of accumulated capital and anticipated savings, loss of business, loss of company value, loss of or damage to reputation, corruption of data, loss of management and administration time, incurring legal and other professional expenses.
b) any indirect or consequential loss or damages however caused (including without limitation by reason of misrepresentation, negligence, other tort, breach of contract or breach of statutory duty) which arise directly or indirectly from the subject matter of the website.  However, nothing in the above shall limit or exclude Antal Sp. z o. o. liability for fraud or for death or personal injury caused by negligence, or to the extent otherwise not permitted by law.


The website contains links to other, external websites, giving users access to numerous automatic links leading to other websites that may prove interesting. Antal Sp. z o. o. cannot be held liable for the content of these websites, as it is not obliged to review and acknowledge them. The company does not guarantee that the links remain valid and up-to-date. Following the links is done under the users’ sole responsibility.


All information, logos, trademarks and other content protected by copyrights that is contained on the website are protected by Antal Sp. z o. o. copyrights. All trademarks, logos, software and other intellectual property are the sole property of Antal Sp. z o. o.

Users are forbidden from downloading, copying or printing any content that is contained on the website. Copying for business or advertising purposes is forbidden, as is fabricating, using selected excerpts or resorting to any other type of manipulation.  Efforts aimed at deciphering, decompiling or modifying software, encoding information contained on the website or submitting content that breaches intellectual property rights is forbidden.

Antal.pl is the web site for Antal Sp. z o. o., a company registered in Poland whose registered office is ul. Puławska 2, 02 – 566 Warsaw, under the following numbers: KRS [National Court Register number]: 0000825336, NIP [Taxpayer Identification Number]: 5252813780.