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Development has many faces

Development has many faces

Today, almost every company requires an understanding of a wider and wider area of ​​operation. Holidays are a good time to review the development opportunities offered by the company. According to the Antal report "Activity of specialists and managers in the era of change", it appears that 41% of employees leave the organization because they have received more attractive development opportunities, and 23% because they want to change their career path - how to ensure them here and now?

It is worth drawing inspiration not only from the outside, but above all from the inside. To a large extent, it is about development projects. People are looking not only for vertical promotions, but also for development opportunities in areas other than their daily work. The creation of teams and work based on cooperation within projects are mainly caused by the desire to achieve the synergy effect. People cooperating in a team can work out more solutions to the problem together than a person employed alone. It is precisely because of this that the roles of leaders are becoming more and more comprehensive and require a variety of experiences. Mentors and corporate development projects are starting to play an important role.

The path of a good mentor

A modern employee should have the ability to deal with turbulent business reality. Moreover, the ongoing pandemic has forced skilful management of change and making difficult decisions. And it is in this evolution that the role of the mentor appears. The role of the mentor is primarily to accompany the candidate in discovering the so far unused potential. Or, together with him, understand what is hindering its use. The mentor offers support that will translate into business in the future, without giving simple solutions or answers. On the contrary, the role of the mentor is to ask well-defined questions to best identify the needs of the other party.

As a mentor, we act as an advisor, trainer, teacher and therapist all rolled into one. Our role evolves depending on the current needs of the charges. But it all comes down to being available, to provide support in a way that has the welfare of the other person in mind. This function can benefit both mentors and mentees - comments Martyna Grunt-Mejer, Senior IT Consultant, ReX Leader Antal and Mentor in the Antal-Rex Program.

Ultimately, mentoring takes practice and patience. The longer we work with the mentee, the more we learn about him: his communication style, how he achieves his goals. At the same time, we also get to know ourselves better: do we clearly share our experience, can we control our emotions, and do we motivate mentee to act in an appropriate way. After all, being a mentor can benefit both mentors and mentees. What is worth remembering is to approach each process individually. Together with the mentee, expectations, goals, needs and principles of cooperation should be set. Listen carefully to the other party, ask and advise. What is important is also arranging regular meetings and celebrating common successes, small and large - adds Martyna Grunt-Mejer.

Development projects

Going beyond the template is becoming more and more important in the recruiting market. Each major company draws a lot from the following values: quality, trust, evolution and taking care of future development. What distinguishes a given organization from others is diversity and looking for one's own path, cooperation with other, interesting entities and creating initiatives beneficial for many stakeholders.

Thanks to the Mentoring Program in Antal, we not only care for the development of our Consultants, but also prepare them to act as team leaders in the future. Team members, which is Antal, have the opportunity to expand their competences in teaching other people as part of the internal Coaching Program. Another interesting development path may be the participation of recruiters in large research projects conducted by the Market Research or employer branding departments. It is important that the consultants' skills can be developed as part of internal development programs. This is one of the elements that reduce employee retention and avoid burnout - says Marta Kozieł, the creator of the Antal ReX Mentoring Program.

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