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The Polish labour market is affected by numerous economic and socialfactors, such as: globalisation, digitisation and the ongoing generationaltransformation. All of those phenomena combine to createcompletely new challenges that require non-standard approaches. When facedwith such daunting conditions, it is necessary to closely observe the marketand plan your activities based on accurate knowledge. Market Research allows us to notonly discover new solutions but also introduce new HR trends.

Salary report

Salary research provides us with comprehensive data on remunerations in selectedindustries, positions and segments of the market. We plan and execute each project inaccordance with client preferences.

Antal salary reports are distinguished by

  • unique methodology allowing to precisely define the sample,
  • engagementof experts specialising in specific industries or disciplines.

How will you benefit?

  • gainfamiliarity with current market trends,
  • gainaccess to data concerning the most recent salary standards,
  • havethe ability to make informed business decisions based on said data.

Employer brand image research

Employer brand image research is an important tool to have at yourdisposal when dealing with a candidate's market. It provides key insights into thecompany's image among prospective employees, highlights the company'sstrengths, weaknesses and potential growth areas. The research is carried out on acarefully selected sample allowing us to gain credible information and ensuringthat our clients receive factual reports upon which they may base their futurestrategies.

Employer brand image research allows to:

  • gaininsight into the employer's image in the eyes of prospective employees,
  • compareyour company's brand image with the competition,
  • findways to attract talented employees.


Candidate investment potential research will provide answers toquestions that companies ask themselves before deciding to invest in a givenregion:

  • Whatis the education potential in specific fields of specialization?
  • Whichof the required competencies are available in the market?
  • Isthere competition in the region and how strong is it?
  • Whatstrategic elements could give you a competitive edge?
  • Howlong do recruiting projects take on average?
  • Whatemployment terms do the best candidates expect?


Find out what investment potential research consists of in practice.

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Agnieszka Wójcik photo
Agnieszka Wójcik Market Research Manager

Agnieszka earned a degree in Sociology from Warsaw University. She has been associated with sector of consulting services in the area of the labor market for last 8 years. She started her career in the Association of Employment Agencies. She gained work experience gained in the structures of the leading recruitment and HR consulting companies on positions related to the research of labour market, public relations and marketing. In Antal she is responsible for the area of market research. She specializes in business analysis, research projects for the organization and promotion of institutions.