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Szczecin is a great city. Full of energy, proudly looking to the future, but not forgetting their history. A city that is not afraid to dream, focuses on creativity and does not avoid changes. Modern and open. European.

Antal study "Human capital in Szczecin" among employers in Szczecin, carried out using the CAWI method in December 2021 on a sample of 120 people. Antal study "Higher studies and the first steps on the labor market in Szczecin" among students of Szczecin universities, carried out using the CAWI method in December 2021 on a sample of 118 people.


Human capital and labour market perspectives in Szczecin consists of 4 parts:

1. Szczecin - introduction

  • Location of Szczecin
  • Population in Szczecin
  • Employment in Szczecin
  • Foreigners in Szczecin

2. Potential of knowledge and education in Szczecin

  • Secondary education
  • Higher education
  • Professional experience of Szczecin students and graduates
  • Education in the field of foreign languages
  • Education of foreigners
  • Assessment of the educational offer by students
  • Cooperation with educational institutions

3. Leading industries in Szczecin

  • Key industries in Szczecin
  • Logistics
  • Renewable energy sources
  • ICT
  • SSC / BPO

4. Potential of the labour market

  • Employers' plans and market assessment
  • Salaries in Szczecin
  • Non-wage benefits offered in Szczecin
  • Selected companies in and around Szczecin
  • Quality of life and the possibility of relocation