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Dear Sir/Madam, 

on behalf of the content partner, the Polish Association of Logistics and Purchasing Managers (PSML), and the authors - Antal and Sodexo, we are pleased to present the report "The role and challenges of purchasing departments in Poland". 

This material, developed in cooperation with industry leaders and experts, offers an analysis of the evolution of the purchasing function in the context of a dynamically changing business environment. 

The role of purchasing in organizations has undergone a significant transformation, moving far beyond routine operations to become a strategic partner in achieving business objectives. This change is driven not only by a growing understanding of the impact of purchasing on an organization's profitability but also by increasing levels of regulation and the need to actively manage the risks of doing business. 

The perception of the purchasing department's role varies and depends on several factors. The nature of the company's business and role in value creation have a large impact, but the perception of the purchasing function is also influenced by external (market) factors, internal process maturity, and the level of development of the purchasing function, understood as the "level of professionalism". 

In the context of the further development of the purchasing function in Poland, the key question becomes whether Polish purchasing departments are ready to take advantage of the technological acceleration towards smart specialization. Are they able to replicate the success of IT, which is characterized by high specialization in the international arena? Accelerating business transformation, driven by technology development, geopolitical tensions and competition from Asia, is easier with centralized processes and human capital. Therefore, although purchasing service centres, common in Poland, can no longer compete on cost, they have an advantage through their presence and operational agility and can be a gas pedal of smart specialization, taking full advantage of the effects of digitalization. 

One of the conclusions of the report is the growing role of purchasing in generating added value and shaping strategic relationships with suppliers, subcontractors and the business environment. This is due to the growing awareness among executives of the strategic potential of properly managed supplier relationships and their role in generating customer value. An effective purchasing function is not only about skillfully consolidating expenses and optimizing costs but also about engaging the supplier market to solve the company's business challenges. 

This report, based on the knowledge and experience of experts, aims not only to present current challenges, but also to indicate the directions of development that can strengthen the position of the purchasing department in Polish and international corporate structures. We invite you to read it, hoping it will provide new perspectives and inspiration for further action. 

With the kindest of regards, 

Artur Skiba - President of Antal, 

Marta Stańczak - CEO of Corporate Services, Sodexo Poland,

Mariusz Gerałtowski - Board President of PSML and Board Member of IFPSM 


1. Professional roles in the area of ​​purchasing

  • The structure of a professional group in Poland
  • Shopper profile
  • Remuneration and development

2. Finance and supplier management

  • Budget and supplier management
  • Purchasing process and good purchasing practices

3. Trends and directions of the future

4. Development of the purchasing area in Poland compared to Europe

  • Development dynamics of shared services centers and GBS in 2023
  • Legal and investment environment

5. Methodology