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Attrition management is not only a challenge for HR departments, but also for every manager.

It gives us great pleasure to present to you the second edition of "Attrition in Poland". We define the concept of attrition as the outflow of staff from an organization, caused by individual and voluntary decisions of employees, difficult to predict from the perspective of an organization. One can see various interpretations of this concept in foreign literature. As Antal, we have consciously decided not to include in the definition the outflow of employees caused by retirement and dismissals, assuming that these are factors that the company can predict or even control.

The growing attrition rate shows weakening ties between employees and the company. Initially, in individual cases, the phenomenon does not translate into the functioning of the company, but with the increase in scale it deeply weakens the structure of the organization. Therefore, the attrition rate management is becoming an increasingly important challenge for employers. Antal research has shown that for 65% of companies, proper attrition management is an important aspect of their strategy.



PART I Scale of the attrition phenomenon in Poland

  • Attrition as a challange for Polish companies
  • Attrition level in companies

PART II Diversity of the attrition phenomenon on the market

  • Types of attrition
  • Groups at greatest risk of the attrition phenomenon

PART III Reasons for employees to leave the organization and anti-attrition practices

  • Reasons for the outflow of employees from the organization
  • Ways to manage attrition
  • Main attrition management principles