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Warsaw has regularly and dynamically strengthened its position on the business map of Europe and the world for many years. This is evidenced by high rankings of cities friendly to business and technology development. In Central and Eastern Europe, Poland is a leader in foreign investments, including those based on new technologies, and the capital is the beneficiary of a huge part of them. 

As many as 45% of companies, that create innovative IT-based financial services and operate online, are based in the capital. Such a large concentration of entities from the fintech industry in Warsaw favours the formation of an innovative ecosystem that integrates technology and finance, creating favourable conditions for the further development of this and other sectors. Many factors make the capital of Poland such a strong business market, as well as the fintech industry. These include favourable macroeconomic indicators, modern infrastructure, business support programs, and open-minded universities that prepare specialists at the highest level.

However, it is worth noting that people most influence the economic success of the capital. Thanks to the committed entrepreneurs, local government officials and highly skilled professionals who have chosen Warsaw as a place to work and grow, our city's economic ecosystem is developing rapidly. Poland's capital is also one of the friendliest places to live in Europe, as evidenced by its top positions in many rankings. These essential success factors make Warsaw one of the most attractive destinations for investors and talent worldwide. I encourage you to read our report on the fintech industry in Warsaw. We wanted to develop material that would introduce this rapidly growing sector of the economy, explore its potential, and inspire new investments. 

Rafał Trzaskowski, Mayor od Warsaw

It is with great satisfaction that I present a report dedicated to the fintech industry in Warsaw, which is a comprehensive analysis of the current status and prospects for developing this dynamic sector in the Polish capital. Over the years of our work as a recruitment company, we have proudly watched Warsaw regularly strengthen its position on the business map of Europe and the world. 

As one of the major financial centres in Central and Eastern Europe, Warsaw is playing a key role in creating innovative financial solutions that not only revolutionise how we transact and manage our finances but also influence the transformation of the entire financial services sector. Nationwide, 45% of Polish fintechs are headquartered in Warsaw, confirming the city's dominant role in this field. The growth of the Warsaw fintech scene is due to the developed financial infrastructure, a strong start-up ecosystem and the openness of the Polish market. Warsaw offers favourable conditions for the development of fintech companies that influence the transformation of Poland's financial sector. 

First and foremost, the capital is the largest academic centre, attracting young people from all over the country and creating a pool of skilled workers for fintech companies. The dynamism and innovation of this industry are based on the involvement of competent professionals, and Warsaw provides an attractive environment for their professional development. In addition, central commercial banks, insurance companies and clearing agencies that cooperate with fintechs and support their development play an important role in fintech development in Warsaw. Such partnerships and collaborations enable innovative fintech companies to achieve greater results and apply their solutions on a broader scale. 

Warsaw, as the heart of Polish fintech, is also an attractive place to open a business due to its central location in the country and proximity to major companies and financial institutions. This city is the centre of business life, next to the market's most prominent players. What's more, it's Warsaw that hosts the biggest industry events each year, attracting the attention of both the local business community and international experts. During the meetings, experts discuss the latest trends in financial technologies, and start-ups have a chance to present their innovative solutions.

Artur Skiba, CEO of Antal


  • Short introduction from the Mayor of Warsaw
  • Short introduction from the President of Antal
  • CHAPTER 1. Introduction
  • Introduction to the report
  • Key conclusions
  • CHAPTER 2. Characteristics of fintech industry in Warsaw
  • Structure and size of fintech industry in Warsaw
  • Map of Warsaw's fintech industry
  • Main areas of fintech activity in Warsaw
  • Faces of Warsaw's fintech scene
  • Who is supporting the Warsaw fintech scene? 
  • Warsaw start-ups 
  • Modern offices in Warsaw 
  • CHAPTER 3. Talent pool in fintech industry
  • Profile of an employee in the Warsaw fintech industry 
  • Candidate availability
  • Students and graduates. Learning potential 
  • Specialists in the labour market 
  • CHAPTER 4. Warsaw in the perspective of investors
  • Location from an investor's perspective 
  • Opportunities and threats for the fintech industry in Warsaw 
  • CHAPTER 5. The future of the fintech industry in Warsaw
  • Development dynamics and trends of the fintech industry 
  • CHAPTER 6. Summary
  • Methodology
  • Survey participants
  • Sources
  • Information about the contracting party