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The Polish labor market is currently under the influence of various economic and social factors. Taking into consideration dynamically changing labor market, we have prepared a special report Flexibility of professionals and managers in times of change. The report aims to provide information on various forms of work flexibility as current situation requires organizations as well as skilled employees to quickly adapt to unavoidable changes.

Key conclusions of the Report:

  • The coronavirus pandemic is driving huge growth in remote work
  • Social relations are the reason why employees want to go back to the office
  • Flexible hours schedule adapted to employees’ preferences is likely to become the new normal
  • The future of office space is all about diversity
  • Office spaces adapted to the social distancing measures
  • The culture of monitoring and strict control is becoming a culture of trust at work
  • Professionals and managers prepare themselves for the crisis Professionals and managers are taking a number
  • We all have one common goal – middle-level and top-level managers are ready to make sacrifices so that the organization can emerge from the crisis stronger than before
  • Professionals and managers are satisfied with the job, but face job insecurity
  • Companies react flexibly to changes, but do not always remember to communicate a new strategy


Report Flexibility of professionals and managers in times of change consists of parts:
1. Flexibility of place and time
2. Flexible work environment
3. Role flexibility
4. Organisational flexibility