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An innovative enterprise is defined as an intelligent enterprise, an enterprise of the future characterised by: high flexibility, commitment to the individual, full use of the potential of teamwork, strong core competencies and a passion for diversity. The innovativeness of economic entities is understood as their ability and motivation to constantly seek and apply in practice the results of scientific research, research and development, new ideas, concepts and inventions.

Thus, the priority for Poland should be to remove barriers to increasing innovativeness and create conditions that stimulate the innovativeness of companies. And for companies, priority should be given to activities that potentially stimulate innovation.

At Antal, as leaders in the recruitment of specialists and managers and in HR consulting, we look to the further future, we want to be pioneers of innovation in the recruitment market. We are thirst for knowledge, we follow trends and innovations, we improve our work. We share knowledge and ideas. We do not maintain the status quo, we develop.

In the following analysis, we attempted to answer questions about what triggers innovation in people and how companies' innovation efforts affect their attractiveness in the eyes of employees and candidates.

We also put under the microscope factors that can indirectly trigger innovation in employees and influence the perception of companies as an innovative employer.

I wish you an interesting reading,

Artur Skiba, President of Antal

Technical Patronage:

  • Pracodawcy Rzeczypospolitej Polskiej
  • Scandinavian-Polish Chamber of Commerce



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How do companies invest in innovation?

How do companies support employee innovation?

    • Innovative work environment
    • Innovative workspace

    Wellbeing of employees as a way to create innovation

    ESG and innovation


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