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More jobs and better employment prospects

Candidates are receiving more and more invitations to take part in recruiting processes. On average, professionals and managers receive 9 job offers per year. IT professionals and managers continue to receive the most job offers. Engineers have enjoyed a 25% growth in job offers received since last year. 

Average number of job offers received within the last year by discipline:

How long does it take to find a new job?

Our survey includes questions that are meant to gauge how easy (or hard) it is for respondents to find jobs corresponding to their competencies and expectations. Given Poland's low unemployment rate, the vast majority of working-age people will be able to find jobs. The question, however, is how many of those jobs will offer suitable professional growth prospects.

The survey was carried out using CAWI between 14.03 and 7.05 of 2018. The sample included 1125 respondents from across Poland. Average respondent age and seniority were 38 and 14 years respectively.


  • Key conclusions from the report
  • A professional and manager in the labour market
  • More and more offers and better employment prospects
  • How long does it take to find a new job?
  • Assessment of the professional standing
  • What pay rise do professionals and managers receive and what pay rise do they expect?
  • Attitudes of professionals and managers towards a job change
  • Professionals and managers want a better job, but it is the employer who is supposed to find them
  • Social Media full of talents
  • Motivation to change jobs
  • Conditions for changing jobs
  • Job offer which will attract the employee
  • What benefits do professionals and managers expect?
  • The perception of recruitment by professionals and managers
  • Mobility of professionals and managers
  • Methodology
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