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This report, presenting an assessment of the business environment in Łódź, allows one to look at the market from a business perspective and indicate the main trends in the economic development of enterprises.

In the face of the pandemic and the global economic crisis, decision-makers are more and more often wondering whether to invest in development and, if so, where? Experts emphasise that in the coming years, it will be crucial to optimise costs while increasing the efficiency of operations, also in the case of the need to work remotely. The future position of companies will also be determined by their openness to new activities, such as technological, regional or human capital investments.

It is worth remembering, however, that in order to achieve the best balance between cost and quality, many factors need to be analysed in terms of the specificity of an organisation. The largest cities compete with each other for attractive investments contributing to the development of the region and currently offer very diverse investment incentives.

Antal, a company specialising in HR consulting, together with Cushman & Wakefield and Vastint, real estate experts, have prepared a series of reports on investment potential of the largest Polish cities to help in making investment decisions and have conducted a Business Environment Assessment Study. The aim of the study is to describe the business reality in which companies operate. For the subsequent time, we asked more than 800 persons managing companies in Poland to provide their assessment.

This report presents an assessment of the business environment in Łódź by decision-makers of Polish companies. It allows one to look at the Polish market from a business perspective and indicate the main trends in the economic development of an organisation.

The partners of the survey provided a wide range of expert support in the areas researched: Antal as an expert in the labour market, Cushman & Wakefield taking substantive care of information on infrastructure, and Vastint, with an insight into the area of factors determining further investments.

We hope that the knowledge obtained will be a valuable tool describing the specificity of the Łódź market.

I wish you an interesting read,

Artur Skiba
President of Antal


Investments potential – introduction

Economic indicators and employment conditions in Poland

Investments in Poland in figures

Special Economic Zones (SEZ) in Poland

Investment plans – introduction

Part 1 Łódź – introduction

  • Assessment of Łódź

Part 2 Infrastructure

  • Infrastructure – introduction
  • Examples of distances from Łódź

Part 3 Office space

  • Office space – introduction
  • Real estate in Łódź

Part 4 Support from public administration

  • Support from public administration

Part 5 Educational potential

  • Educational potential understood as availability of future employees
  • Language potential in Łódzkie Voivodship

Part 6 Employment potential

  • Employment potential – introduction
  • Indicators concerning the Łódzkie Voivodship labour market
  • Examples of remuneration in Łódź

Part 7 Business potential

  • Business potential – introduction
  • Selected companies in and near Łódź

Part 8 Evaluation of the location as a place to live

  • Evaluation of the location as a place to live
  • Łódź as a place to live


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