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Szczecin is distinguished by its exceptional location and proximity to Polish, European and global markets and supply routes. 

„Szczecin: investment potential" is one of eight reports, the second edition of the Business Environment Assessment Study (BEAS). We asked almost 500 directors of companies operating in the Polish market to share their opinions. This report provides an assessment of Szczecin’s business environment through the eyes of those business decision-makers. The results enable us to take an in-depth look at the Polish market from the perspective of businesses and outline the most important company growth trends. 

Our partners provided invaluable support and expert knowledge in all areas of research. Antal was the labour market expert, Cushman & Wakefield advised on infrastructure and Adaptive shared insights on the factors that impact future investment. 


The city’s strategic location and plentiful warehouse space  make it an ideal location for logistics companies. That is why Szczecin is often referred to as the gateway to Northern and Western Europe. Many logistics companies and institutions have decided to set up their offices and main warehouses in the city to take advantage of its location at the intersection of various transportation networks. 


  • Economic indicators and working conditions in Poland
  • Investment in Poland in numbers
  • Investment plans - introduction
  • Szczecin - introduction
  • Infrastructure
  • Selected travel times and distances from Szczecin
  • Office space
  • Real estate in Szczecin
  • Public administration support
  • Education potential
  • Education opportunities defined as the supply of future employees
  • Foreign language potential in Pomerania voivodeship
  • Employment potential
  • Labour market indicators in Pomerania voivodeship
  • Sample remunerations in Szczecin
  • Business potential
  • Selected companies in Szczecin and the surrounding region
  • Szczecin as a place to live
  • Quality of living assessment
  • Methodology