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We know the results of the 9th Edition of the Most Desirable Employers Ranking, one of the most popular and best recognised rankings in Poland. This year’s report highlights and awards companies with the best reputation among employees and potential candidates, including the opinions of HR experts. What are the characteristics of the best employers? What do the best companies offer? And what do professionals and managers value most? Where would they like to work? Download the report today to find out more!

Ladies and Gentlemen,

The “Most Desirable Employers” ranking is back on the market after two years, and that is for a reason. We were working on a new methodology of the project which would allow us to verify even better the most desirable employers operating on the Polish market and to examine the best organisations (in terms of HR metrics and employee opinions) which were to take part in the 9th edition of the survey. The previous eight editions of the “Most Desirable Employers” ranking allowed us to verify who was the most desirable employer – according to specialists and managers – and why. This year's edition of the survey was also deliberately extended to offer companies the opportunity to self-register for the survey, during which they could verify their employee offer by examining indicators from their HR departments and employee mood, and thus obtain a detailed report on the topic.

A positive trend in the labour market that has been emerging over the last few years is the company's interest in the experience of its employees and the tracking of HR metrics and signals coming from the employees in relation to the opinions coming from the market, particularly important in a situation so dynamic in many markets in economic, human and technological terms. It is the duty of employers to listen to people, to analyse and identify their problems. We, the Antal team, come here to the rescue.

At this point I would like to thank all the companies that signed up for the current edition of the survey and placed their trust in Antal by undergoing a detailed analysis. Our experts and the survey supervisors have awarded distinctions, taking into account not only the scores obtained in the ranking of industries, but also categories according to which our unique research method has been developed. This resulted in broad and comprehensive results.

I wish to congratulate all the winners who made it to the top of the lists in their respective industries and received distinctions in individual categories. We hope that the results of the survey will inspire the recipients of this report to track and measure HR metrics in their organisations even more frequently and to participate in rankings such as “The Most Desirable Employers”, as they significantly influence the positive image of organisations: both internally and externally.

Artur Skiba
President of the Board at Antal



Part 1

  • About the ranking
  • Methodology of the 9th edition of the Most Desirable Employers ranking
  • The “Most Desirable Employers” survey in numbers and a few words about the methodology

Part 2

  • Market trends. Summary of 2021 and 2022.

Part 3

  • Brand power – market professionals’ and managers’ replies
  • HR Pulse
  • Employee Pulse
  • Candidate Pulse

Part 4

  • Ranking results by industry
  • Overall leaders
  • Leaders by sector
  • HR metrics
  • Employees
  • Candidates’ comments
  • Benefit Leader
  • Top-Class Employer Leader & Employee Development Leader
  • Recruitment Leader
  • Employer Branding Leader
  • Office Attractiveness Leader
  • Care Leader during the Covid-19 Pandemic

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