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Polish IT professionals are getting more and more foreign remote job offers. Working across different time zones can be, of course, very challenging but there is no shortage of those willing to enter into talks. We have created this guide after dozens of meetings with investors. We want to answer the most frequently asked questions related to the specificity of investing in Poland and advise on what to pay attention to in order for the investment to proceed according to the planned schedule.

PAIH is the patron of the report.


Why is it worth investing in Poland?

Investment potential in Poland

Investment plans

Human capital in the IT area in Poland


  • Education in IT
  • Women in IT
  • Overview of IT companies

IT specialists and managers on the labor market in Poland

  • IT specialists and managers and job change
  • Preferences of IT specialists and managers

Remuneration and forms of cooperation

  • Possible forms of engaging employees and subcontractors in Poland
  • Salaries in IT
  • Non-wage benefits offered in IT