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It is essential to support the potential within this strong professional group all the time, closely monitor the labor market, and study what opportunities and barriers appear on their career path. To this end, Antal and the CFA Society Poland, in cooperation with Bank BPH and the Chamber of Fund and Asset Managers (IZFiA), have developed the fourth edition of the "Women in Finance" report, showing the biggest challenges for women in finance.

We also invited men to participate in the survey once again to take a more comprehensive look at the situation of women in the financial market. The survey results, which included 464 female and 302 male respondents, showed that although women in the finance sector are far more likely than men to indicate that a career is significant to them, almost all perceive barriers that limit their advancement. Moreover, respondents see an even greater need for career support than in past editions - they expect development programs, training and courses, and mentoring. That's why it's so essential to make a concerted effort to intensively promote the financial market as a workplace that is friendly to both men and women, to support the professional development of ladies through various initiatives, and to strengthen self-confidence in professional women.



Part 1 Assessing the role of women in the labour market

  • 1.01. Women's labour market situation in the financial sector
  • 1.02. Aspects affecting the situation of women
  • 1.03. Perceptions of the financial sector

Part 2 Careers in finance

  • 2.01. Career satisfaction
  • 2.02. Determinants of career development
  • 2.03. Activating women in the finance sector
  • 2.04. Barriers to career development

Part 3 How are ESG and EU sustainability regulations changing the financial sector and affecting women's professional development?

  • 3.01. Organisation strategies

Part 4 Good practices in the financial market

  • 4.01. BPH - Mentoring as a key to employee development and organisational success
  • 4.02. CFA - good practices