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A lot of work for specialists and managers

According to the most recent Antal Global Snapshot survey, the job market situation for specialists and managers in Poland is significantly improving. Here are the most important conclusions and facts.

Positive perspectives in the job market

The study reveals that over half (53%) of employers in Poland intend to hire specialists and managers within the current year. Interestingly, some industries are particularly active in this respect. For instance, the IT sector (61%), engineering (60%), and telecommunications (58%) are leading in this statistic. On the other hand, only 13% of the surveyed employers plan to part ways with employees in these positions.

Current recruitment projects and employment dynamics

At the time of the survey, 54% of companies in Poland were conducting active recruitment projects. This means that more than half of employers are in the process of searching for new specialists and managers to strengthen their teams. Meanwhile, 13% of companies admitted that they plan layoffs in these positions.

Expert's comment

"The Antal Global Snapshot survey indicates that the positive trends in the job market for specialists and managers have been present for several quarters now. What's more, the growing percentage of employers wanting to hire, compared to those planning layoffs, suggests that the job market is becoming a candidate's market," emphasized Artur Skiba, Managing Director of Antal International.

International employment perspectives

Comparatively, in Western Europe, the most active job markets are Belgium and Luxembourg, where 63% of employers are planning employment increases. Austria and the United Kingdom are in a similar situation (61%), as is Switzerland (60%). However, in Germany, Spain, and Portugal, only 32%, 37%, and 42% of employers, respectively, plan to increase employment in specialist and managerial positions.