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Project Manager and Junior Project Manager: Salaries and Responsibilities

In the rapidly evolving job market, the roles of Project Manager and Junior Project Manager are becoming crucial for the success of many initiatives. Project management requires not only technical precision but also a strategic approach and excellent interpersonal skills. What are the responsibilities, tools used, and financial prospects for individuals in these positions? 

Project Manager - What is this position? 

The Project Manager (PM), also known as the project leader, is a key role in the dynamically developing corporate and IT world. The person in this position is responsible for comprehensive project management, from planning and coordination to monitoring progress and ensuring compliance with requirements. The PM serves as a substantive link between teams of experts and the company’s management. This role demands not only technical skills in a specific field, such as IT or finance, but also strong interpersonal and analytical abilities. 

Technologies and Tools 

The most commonly used tools by Project Managers include JIRA, Excel, and Microsoft 365. Cloud platforms like Azure DevOps, which support project management in IT environments, are also gaining popularity. 

Scope of Responsibilities 

The main tasks of a PM include: 

  • Planning and coordinating project activities 
  • Monitoring progress and ensuring adherence to the schedule 
  • Managing the project team and motivating them to work efficiently 
  • Communicating with stakeholders and reporting project results

What projects do they manage? 

Project Managers engage in a variety of projects, from implementing new IT solutions to managing strategic business initiatives. Their role is crucial for the success of projects with diverse characteristics, requiring both technical precision and strategic approach. 

Project Manager and Junior Project Manager: Salaries 

Salaries for Project Managers depend mainly on experience, specialization, and industry. The Antal Salary Report for 2021-2023 shows an increase in average gross salaries, particularly for specialists with over 5 years of experience. Juniors can expect an average of 10,000 to 14,000 PLN gross monthly, mid-level PMs from 14,000 to 25,000 PLN, while seniors earn between 24,000 PLN and 35,000 PLN. Salaries depend on the industry, location, and scope of responsibilities, making the role of a Project Manager an attractive career option in the Polish job market, especially in the rapidly growing IT sector. 

How to become a Project Manager? 

The career paths for a Project Manager can vary, but gaining practical experience and developing interpersonal and technical skills are crucial. Employers increasingly value practical skills over formal education, although knowledge of the IT product lifecycle and project management methodologies such as Agile is essential. Starting in the industry often begins with a role in a project team, allowing the acquisition of practical knowledge and experience necessary to take on the role of project manager. The scope of responsibilities and financial prospects of Project Managers make this role highly attractive in the job market. The growing demand for project management specialists indicates the increasing importance of this profession in the era of digital transformation and dynamic technological development.

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