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Salaries and responsibilities of a store manager

A store manager plays a key role in managing retail operations. This profession requires not only personnel management skills and ensuring high-quality customer service but also organizational abilities and strategic thinking. What exactly are the responsibilities of someone working in this position? How much does a store manager earn? Find the answers to these questions below!

Responsibilities of a Store Manager

A store manager is a crucial figure in the hierarchy of store positions. Their main task is to ensure the smooth operation of all business processes. Here are some of the main responsibilities of a store manager:

  • Personnel Management – The store manager is responsible for recruiting, training, and motivating the staff. They must ensure that every employee knows their duties and is ready to serve customers according to set standards.
  • Inventory Management – Controlling stock levels, ordering goods, and monitoring product rotation are key tasks for the store manager. They must ensure that the store always has enough products to meet customer needs.
  • Financial Management – The store manager is responsible for achieving sales targets and controlling the store's operational costs. They may also analyze financial reports and make decisions to increase profitability, depending on the industry and employer expectations.
  • Customer Service – Ensuring high-quality customer service is a priority for the store manager. They must ensure that every customer is served quickly and professionally and that their needs are met.
  • Monitoring Competition – The store manager should keep an eye on competitors' actions and take appropriate measures to maintain the store's competitiveness in the market.
  • Business Development – In some cases, the store manager should be actively involved in business development, seeking new ways to increase sales and expand the range of products offered by the store.

How much does a Store Manager earn?

This question is of interest to many, especially those considering working in this position. It's worth mentioning that the salaries of store managers can vary depending on many factors, including the industry, store size, location, as well as the manager's experience and qualifications. However, these salaries can be estimated.

Average salary of Store Manager and Regional Manager by experience in PLN (gross)

Source: Antal Salary Report 2023

A store manager's salary depends on the number of subordinates they directly oversee. The greater the responsibility for managing more employees, the higher the salary often is. It also depends on years of experience. According to the latest salary report (Antal Salary Report 2023), the average salary for a store manager ranges from 7,000 to 9,000 PLN gross per month. This equates to approximately 5,000 to 6,500 PLN net. However, it's worth noting that in some industries and larger stores, these salaries can be slightly higher.

Average salaries of a Store Manager:

  • 1 year of experience: 4,000 PLN
  • 3 years of experience: 5,000 PLN
  • 5 years of experience: 6,000 PLN
  • 10 years of experience: 7,000 PLN
  • 15 years of experience: 8,000 PLN

Higher salaries can be expected by a regional manager who oversees entire networks of stores. In this case, the salary ranges from 7,000 to 12,000 PLN gross.

Average salaries of a Regional Manager:

  • 1 year of experience: 6,000 PLN
  • 3 years of experience: 7,500 PLN
  • 5 years of experience: 9,000 PLN
  • 10 years of experience: 11,000 PLN
  • 15 years of experience: 13,000 PLN

Salaries for store managers start at 4,000 PLN with one year of experience and rise to 8,000 PLN with fifteen years of experience. Regional managers, with higher responsibility requirements, start at 6,000 PLN with one year of experience and reach 13,000 PLN after fifteen years of experience. The difference in salaries between these positions reflects the broader scope of duties and responsibilities of regional managers.

Assistant Store Manager: responsibilities and salaries

An assistant store manager plays a key role in ensuring the store operates smoothly and efficiently serves customers during the main manager's absence. Their tasks are varied and include a wide range of responsibilities. What are they?

Personnel Management:

  • Supporting the store manager in recruiting new employees and in the training process.
  • Organizing the staff work schedule and monitoring employee performance.
  • Resolving conflicts between employees and motivating the team to achieve sales goals.

Customer Service:

  • Ensuring high-quality customer service and resolving any problems or complaints.
  • Advising customers on product selection and ensuring a positive shopping experience.

Inventory Management:

  • Monitoring stock levels and adjusting supply orders in case of shortages.
  • Ensuring proper presentation of goods on shelves and maintaining the store's visual appeal.

Warehouse Inventory Control:

  • Regularly checking inventory levels and updating information systems.
  • Collaborating with the warehouse department to optimize the flow of goods.

Supporting the Store Manager:

  • Assisting the store manager in preparing financial reports and analyzing sales indicators.
  • Performing other administrative or operational tasks as required at the time.

How much does an Assistant Store Manager earn?

The salaries of an assistant store manager, although generally lower than the main manager's salary, are still attractive and depend on various factors such as professional experience, store location, or the industry in which the company operates. On average, they range from 4,000 to 5,000 PLN per month, but they can vary depending on specific conditions and the nature of the workplace.

Average gross monthly earnings in PLN for a deputy store manager

Source: Antal Salary Report 2023

For many, the position of an assistant store manager is an attractive career path, offering opportunities for professional development and future advancement.


The positions of store manager and assistant store manager are essential elements in the operation of any retail store. A store manager must be a versatile leader who can effectively manage personnel, finances, and store operations. Store manager salaries depend on many factors but can be attractive, especially in highly competitive industries. The assistant store manager also plays a crucial role in ensuring the store's continuity and can enjoy attractive remuneration for their work.

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