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Antal is the official partner of the EKG 2022 session

On April 25-27, 2022, Antal experts will appear in Katowice for the European Economic Congress. The European Economic Congress remains itself in an extremely unstable time, difficult for the event industry and the entire economy. EEC is a representative and open forum for debate on the future of the European and Polish economy. The formula of this event is expanding and developing - also, but not only - under the pressure of the events of the last two years.

The achievements of science, their commercialization and new competences become a measure of competitiveness, determine the aspirations of young people, determine the success of transformation processes. The agenda of this year's Congress will include more topics related to research, education, the use of knowledge, and scientific cooperation.

Listen to a lecture by Artur Skiba - President of the Antal Management Board at the European Economic Congress

April 25, 2022 | 12.30-14.00 | conference room 1

"Science and competences in a changing world"

Scientific potential and economic use of knowledge as elements strengthening the effectiveness of the transformation process of the European economy. Crisis or heyday: science and professional aspirations of the young generation. Changes in the education system necessary for science to meet the challenges of the future. Science at the service of green transformation. Programs, tools, funds supporting innovation and creativity - European experiences and their use. Conditions for beneficial cooperation between science and business. Commercialization of research results - business expectations towards science.