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A year full of challenges has passed. However, new challenges are already looming on the horizon: the changing economic reality and legal landscape, as well as employees’ attitudes and expectations. New technologies translate into the evolution of the overall HR processes. Month after month, forecasts concerning corporate establishment plans undergo major changes.

Companies often decide to recruit on an ad hoc basis, looking for employees who can best meet the demands of the current situation. On the one hand, employers are sometimes faced with the need to cut jobs. On the other hand, in light of the latest Antal data, 91% of companies are planning new investments for 2021-2022 and in order to carry them out, it will be necessary to recruit increasingly hard-to-find talents. The most sought-after competencies and skills that hiring managers search for in candidates are knowledge of modern technologies and strong analytical, creative and out-of-the-box thinking. Certainly salaries in this area will increase.

Additionally, the nature of work has changed: home office, remote onboarding, and internal communications in a new work environment. Employees will certainly expect remote work opportunities and the related facilities, as well as the guarantee of the safety of their workplace.

The most important business lesson we all should have learnt from Covid-19: one cannot rest on their laurels when the situation seems to have stabilised. The experience of this year has made us realise how unpredictable changes can be.

We try to respond to market challenges by providing our experience in digitising recruitment and employer branding activities, conducting a dialogue between specialists and employers and introducing innovative solutions such as crowdstaffing, remote process outsourcing or simply by studying trends and raising awareness of these trends in the labour market. This report aims to serve the latter purpose.

I hope it will be a useful tool for both employers (in assessing their planned recruitment budgets and pay rises), and employees (in assessing their own bargaining power in the market).

I wish you an interesting read,

Artur Skiba
President of Antal


Remuneration trends

  • Market trends
  • General overview of average salary ranges, by discipline

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  • Facilities in connection with remote work

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  • Human Ressources
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