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Professionals and managers are still in demand on the labour market. We are witnessing a steady increase in wages and salaries, as well as in expenditures on various types of non-salary benefits. More and more organisations offer flexible working hours and remote work, both identified as desirable in the labour market. These are changes going in the right direction, improving employees’ job satisfaction.

However, the 9th edition of the Antal study shows that employers remain largely responsible for their employees leaving the company. Such negative factors as incompetent management, unfriendly work atmosphere, lack of clear career path or problems with communication with managers are still being felt by a large portion of professionals and managers. On the other hand, however, more and more employers are giving their blood, sweat, and tears to create the most attractive working conditions. They fight for the loyalty of employees who are becoming more and more demanding – the lack of a quick feedback, the need to undertake less interesting projects or even the lack of snacks (fruits) in the workplace – may be the cause for an immediate notice of termination.

Increasing turnover rates mean higher costs and the need to spend higher budget on recruiting rather than on investing in already hired staff. And so a vicious circle begins.

I am convinced that the key to success for both employers and employees resides in knowledge that will enable effective dialogue between both parties.

Such is also the mission of the report that we are handing over to you. Let’s learn about new trends. Let’s find out what we can expect from employees and what we can expect from employers. And let’s talk about what is important. What can be done in order to make work profitable for the organisation and, at the same time, to provide employees with opportunities for self-fulfilment?

This year’s results show that the balance in the labour market may be within sight. It is worth taking advantage of this moment in order to create a harmonious working environment: by not meeting blindly new expectations, but investing wisely in employees.

I wish you an interesting read.

Artur Skiba
President of Antal


  • Professionals and managers in the labour market
  • Number of job offers for professionals and managers
  • Time spent on finding a new job
  • Evaluation of the professional situation
  • Pay rises
  • Openness of professionals and managers to job change
  • Attitude to job change
  • Professionals and managers in social media
  • Motivation to change a job
  • Motivation to change a job
  • Job offer that will tempt the employee
  • The amount of expected pay rise in case of job change
  • Most desired benefits for employees
  • Mobility of professionals and managers
  • Willingness to relocate
  • Relocation attractiveness of Polish cities