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Poland in the IT industry is annually appreciated by world leaders for innovative startups and perfectly qualified specialists. Technology giants are willing to invest in local employees by opening branches and supporting local initiatives. Why is it worth joining them and why is Poland still an attractive direction for the development of your business?

The development of the IT market in Poland has been supported mainly by foreign capital, which made it possible to utilize the potential of the specialists located here. They are well educated and eager to work, but over the years of presence of technology giants in this country, expectations of employees have changed. Companies from the most economically developed countries evaluate the work of Polish IT specialists as an ideal compromise between the attractively priced contractors from the Middle East and having high financial expectations of entities from the United States and Western Europe.

A manager or a business owner with no prior knowledge of the Polish market will be able to quickly find out everything about the level of education of Polish IT specialists, the position of women in the Polish IT industry and which companies are already present in this country. In a comprehensive survey, the reader learns about the local labour market, employees' financial expectations and benefit standards.

  • Poland is still an excellent place to invest. The IT sector continues to develop dynamically. The current situation has shown that remote working is not a problem, which allows to search for new talents throughout the entire country.

Fabian Pietras, Business Director at Antal IT Services

The study of employees in the IT industry also includes a section on IT professionals and managers - here the reader learns about the specifics of senior staff in Poland and their habits related to changing jobs. An entity entering the Polish labour market will be able to prepare for the realities of the country even before a decision is made to invest here.  Apart from information about the market itself, the holder of this exclusive Antal study will gain access to knowledge about trends in forms of employment and cooperation with contractors in Poland. Of course, such data needs to be complemented by salaries and non-salary benefits, the nature of which in Poland is determined by the local IT industry.

  • Antal has many years of experience in recruiting both IT employees and subcontractors. Thanks to the rich portfolio of recruitment processes and mandated projects, we are able to select and recruit the best IT professionals on the market to cooperate with us.

Anna Teodorowska, Regional Manager at Antal IT Services

What will you learn from the Antal report?


Preface Introduction

  • Why is it worth to invest in Poland?
  • Poland’s investment potential
  • Investment plans

Part 1 Human capital in the IT area in Poland

  • 1.01. Introduction
  • 1.02. IT education
  • 1.03. Women in IT
  • 1.04. Overview of IT companies

Part 2 IT professionals and managers on the labour market in Poland

  • 2.01. IT professionals and managers and job-changing
  • 2.02. Preferences of IT professionals and managers

Part 3 Remuneration and types of cooperation

  • 3.01. Possible forms of hiring employees and subcontractors in Poland
  • 3.02. Salaries in IT
  • 3.03. Non-wage benefits in IT sector

Investing in Poland – things you should know

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