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I am pleased to present to you a report on the activity of specialists and managers in the dynamic background of today's labour market. In the context of constant economic change and evolving professional needs, the analysis of the current year directs our attention to key trends and phenomena that have influenced the professional trajectories of those surveyed.

In 2023, more than half of the respondents emphasize that they have not seen a significant improvement in their labour market situation. This phenomenon is becoming particularly apparent in terms of salaries. It is worth noting that employees received lower raises compared to previous years, with only 8% of them likely to receive a raise in excess of 20%.

About 50% of those surveyed received no raise at all or up to 5%. Salary increases were observed corresponded mainly with the impact of inflation and general market trends, which translates into little change in the real value of salaries. Paradoxically, in the face of these challenges, a declining number of people actively seeking work is apparent. Nevertheless, as many as half of the specialists and managers remain open to new career proposals. Some movement at the promotion level was also noticeable during the year, with about one-fifth of the respondents managing to climb to a higher position, which is a promising sign in terms of their careers.

It is also worth noting that while the challenges are noticeable, the labour market is showing some signs of stabilization. The unemployment rate has reached a record low, currently standing at 5%, which is an extremely positive indicator for the health of the market. The report sheds light on current trends and turbulence in the labour market for specialists and managers in 2023. The data and analysis presented provide valuable guidance for both employers and anyone interested in the labour market.

Enjoy your reading,
Artur Skiba, CEO of Antal


  • Key conclusions from the report
  • Specialists and managers on the labor market
  • Number of job offers for specialists and managers
  • Time to look for a new job
  • Assessment of the professional situation
  • Received raises
  • Openness of specialists and managers to job changes
  • Attitude towards changing jobs
  • Specialists and managers on social media
  • Motivations to change jobs
  • Reasons for the outflow of employees from the organization
  • A job offer that will tempt the employee
  • The amount of the expected raise in the event of a job change
  • Desirable benefits
  • Mobility of specialists and managers
  • Openness to relocation
  • Relocation attractiveness of Polish cities