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AI development and future of professionals: Antal experts reveal the development of which competences will ensure employment in the IT industry

As many as 85% of specialists and managers believe that due to the development of artificial intelligence and machine learning, new competencies and qualifications will be needed to a very large extent, and the automation of business processes will translate into a significant increase in the demand for new competencies (72%). This is the result of the latest report by Antal and the Sectoral Council for IT Competences "The impact of the development trends of new technologies on the competency needs of the IT sector". 

The report of the World Economic Forum indicates that artificial intelligence will have a significant impact on the future of the labor market, and these changes raise both hopes and fears. It is estimated that as many as 85 million jobs worldwide could be at risk. Therefore, it is crucial that specialists have the skills that will enable them to develop in a dynamic environment in which AI plays an increasingly important role. What competencies are in demand? 

#1 Machine Learning 

As competences that will become necessary in connection with the implementation of solutions using artificial intelligence and machine learning, the respondents most often indicated machine learning (68%). It is a field of artificial intelligence that enables computers to analyze data, identify patterns, and make decisions based on the accumulated knowledge. In today's world, where data is extremely important and huge amounts of information are generated every day, the ability to use and interpret this data with the help of machine learning algorithms gives huge competitive advantages. 

Having competencies in the field of machine learning enables specialists and managers in the IT industry to conduct innovative projects, create intelligent solutions and support the development of the company in the digital era. However, this requires continuous improvement in the field of machine learning algorithms, statistics, programming and data analysis - comments Martyna Grunt-Mejer, Team Leader at Antal IT Services. 

#2 Python 

Another highly valued competence is the knowledge of the programming language, which is Python. This was indicated by 61% of the respondents. Python is a programming language with syntax simplicity and flexibility, which makes it a great tool for creating a variety of applications and solutions. Highly regarded by employers, Python has gained popularity due to its usability and extensive developer community. 

The increase in demand for specialists and managers with Python programming skills is due to its versatility and popularity among companies. The rich community of users of this language gives developers access to a huge set of ready-to-use solutions, which speeds up the software development process and allows you to achieve faster results - explains Fabian Pietras, Business Unit Director at Antal IT Services. 

#3 Experience in working with data science and artificial intelligence libraries 

It is equally important for IT managers that candidates have or develop experience in working with data science and artificial intelligence libraries (56% of responses). In the era of huge amounts of generated data and the need to analyze them in order to draw valuable conclusions, specialists with the ability to use data science libraries, such as NumPy, pandas, scikit-learn or TensorFlow, are extremely desirable on the labor market. 

Experience in working with data science libraries opens the door to various career paths in the IT industry. Specialists can work as data analysts, data scientists, machine learning engineers or artificial intelligence specialists. These positions are particularly attractive due to the dynamic development of these fields and the opportunity to engage in innovative projects that contribute to the development of the organization - says Weronika Kamińska, Recruitment Consultant at Antal IT Services.

#4 Creating automated tests and automated testing 

Other in-demand competencies are automated test development (41%) and automated testing (37%). Creating automated tests involves creating scripts and tools that automate the process of testing applications or systems. Specialists in this field have programming skills and use appropriate tools, such as Selenium, Appium or JUnit, to create tests that can be executed automatically. 

The increase in demand for this specialization results from the growing awareness of companies that automated testing brings many benefits, such as saving time, improving software quality and increasing customer confidence. Possessing this competence opens up many opportunities for professional development and career paths. Specialists can work as automated testers, QA (Quality Assurance) engineers or test automation specialists. Interestingly, it is also desired by managers and project leaders in the IT industry - says Marta Koncewicz, Recruitment Consultant at Antal IT Services.

#5 SQL 

The ability to use SQL (Structured Query Language) and its development is future-proof according to 31% of IT managers. 

SQL is widely used in various fields and sectors, such as finance, e-commerce, medicine or logistics. Employees with SQL skills therefore have flexibility in choosing a career path and can adapt to different industries. In the face of the growing demand for data analytics and the use of information to make strategic decisions, specialists with SQL skills are in high demand on the labor market - explains Justyna Śliwińska, Team Leader Antal IT Services. 

About the report

The survey of the Sectoral Council for Competences in IT and Antal "The impact of development trends of new technologies on the competency needs of the IT sector" was conducted on 19.01.23 -25.01.23 using the CAWI and CATI method among 202 managers of IT companies and directors of IT departments/departments of non-IT companies using in its activities, solutions in the field of artificial intelligence and machine learning in accordance with the PKD codes (58.2, 62, 63.1).

Link to download the report in polish: https://antal.pl/wiedza/raport/wplyw-trendow- Rozwoju-rozwowych-nowych-technologii-na- needy-kompetencyjne-sektora-it

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