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Working for several jobs - a necessity or a choice of Poles?

One of the unique phenomena observed in the Polish job market is the rise in the number of multi-jobbers. But what truly drives this trend? Are Poles keen to gain diverse experiences and advance their careers, or are they compelled to take on multiple jobs in search of a decent wage?

Job Market and Specialists' Self-Awareness

Current labor conditions favor employees. Many specialists and managers are aware of their own skills, which translates into their ability to assess their own market value. This approach is reflected in the latest Salary Report from Antal.

Investing in Personal Brand and Professional Development

Thanks to modern tools and resources, employees are becoming more proactive in building and managing their personal brand. This, in turn, translates into an interest in investing in their own professional development. Therefore, a typical multi-jobber is an expert who chooses additional projects based on their merit, not necessity.

Multitasking in the IT Sector

The IT sector in Poland has become a leader in terms of multitasking. The most sought-after specialists in this field often view traditional job offers as a limitation. Hence, many of them opt for freelance or project-based cooperation.

Flexibility of the Future: Multitasking in Other Sectors

Artur Skiba, CEO of Antal, in an interview for Gazeta Finansowa, predicts that the multitasking trend will also strengthen in other sectors. According to Skiba, this is a response to the needs of younger generations who value independence and freedom of choice in the context of their professional careers.

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