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Every second citizen of Łódź living abroad is considering returning to their hometown

The results of a survey conducted by Antal on behalf of the City of Łódź indicate that every second resident of Łódź is interested in returning to their hometown. The most frequently mentioned reason for changing the place of residence is the offer of an attractive salary and the possibility of professional development.

Migration Study of Łódź Inhabitants: Will They Return to Their Hometown?

Recent studies on Łódź residents living abroad shed light on their relationship with their hometown and how they perceive their future professional prospects in the context of the Łódź job market.

Study Details and Objectives

The research project was conducted on a sample of 1033 respondents and was part of a broader initiative titled "Who wants to return to Łódź?". The study was carried out as part of the preparation of the "Human Capital in Łódź" report, which provides a detailed picture of the regional job market.

Initiators and Implementers of the Project

The ambitious project was realized by Antal, a leader in HR consultancy. The initiative to conduct the study came from the Office for Economic Development and International Cooperation of the Łódź City Hall, which aimed to understand the migration dynamics of the city's residents.

Is the Łódź Job Market Attractive Enough?

One of the main objectives of the study was to determine whether the Łódź job market is attractive enough to convince Łódź residents living abroad to return. The idea was to understand what factors might influence a repatriation decision.

Language Skills of Łódź Residents Abroad

An additional goal of the study was to assess the level of foreign language proficiency among Łódź residents residing abroad. Understanding this competency is crucial in the context of potential professional opportunities in an increasingly globalized world.

Success of the "Who wants to return to Łódź?" Initiative

The "Who wants to return to Łódź?" campaign exceeded our expectations, highlighting the deep connection of Łódź residents with their hometown and the need for increased communication and collaboration between the diaspora and local authorities.

Overwhelming Response from Those Interested in Returning

We were pleased to note a significant number of responses from individuals expressing a desire to return and find employment in Łódź. The numerous CVs we received indicated that the initiative hit the mark in addressing the needs of our compatriots living abroad.

The Importance of Such Initiatives

Thanks to the success of the project, we understood how crucial it is to undertake such initiatives. Continuous dialogue between residents abroad and local authorities is key to creating an attractive environment for return.

Highlighting the Potential of Polish Regional Markets

Educating about available career paths, potential of local markets, and required competencies is becoming a priority not only for public administration but also for the private sector. Together, we must strive to raise awareness in this regard.

Modern Communication Tools

The use of modern communication methods, such as social media campaigns and the network of headhunters' contacts, has become indispensable. They allow for an effective match between employers' expectations and the needs of potential employees, attracting talent back to the country.

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