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Guide for Gen Z: Antal presents the 10 Most Promising Study Fields in 2024

Antal's recruitment experts, who specialize in recruitment on a daily basis, have examined the ten most promising study fields in 2024. These fields not only ensure attractive remuneration but also offer interesting and dynamic opportunities for professional development. 

1. AI and Data Science

The AI and Data Science technology market is experiencing a constant boom, opening doors to a career in one of the fastest-growing sectors. Students can specialize in machine learning, data analysis, or big data. At the beginning of their careers, they can expect a gross monthly salary in the range of 10,000-15,000 PLN, which, with experience and specialization, can increase even up to 25,000-35,000 PLN gross.

In this field, continuous improvement of skills and adaptation to new technologies are crucial. The most sought-after professionals are those who can combine technical skills with a business understanding of data - commented Karolina Bucka, Team Leader, Antal IT Services.

2. Cybersecurity

In the face of the rising tide of cyber attacks, cybersecurity specialists are worth their weight in gold. By specializing in network security or cryptography, one can earn around 12,000 PLN at the beginning of their career, and with experience and additional certifications, this figure can even reach up to 30,000 PLN monthly.

In cybersecurity, technical knowledge alone is not sufficient. Equally important is an understanding of the business context and legal aspects of data protection, making this field particularly attractive for individuals with broad competencies - added Anika Jabłońska, Senior Consultant, Antal IT Services.

3. Personalized Medicine and Biotechnology

Personalized healthcare is the future of medicine. Specialists in the fields of genetics or pharmacology can expect starting salaries in the range of 9,000-12,000 PLN, which, with experience, can increase to as much as 25,000 PLN.

Professionals in this field must combine in-depth medical knowledge with technological skills. It's also worth emphasizing the growing role of ethics in biotechnology, opening up new professional perspectives - commented Marta Lebuda, Sector Manager, Antal Poland.

4. Sustainable Development and Environmental Protection

In response to global ecological challenges, specialists in sustainable development are highly sought after. Starting salaries are around 8,000-10,000 PLN, increasing to 20,000 PLN with experience.

This sector is gaining importance as ecological awareness grows. It not only offers satisfying remuneration but also provides the opportunity to work on projects with a real impact on our planet - added Dominik Kalinowski, Head of Outsourcing, Antal Poland.

5. Aerospace Engineering

The aerospace sector offers starting salaries around 12,000 PLN, which can increase to 30,000 PLN and more with experience and specialization.

This dynamically evolving industry demands not only engineering knowledge but also creativity and the ability to work in international teams. It's an ideal choice for individuals passionate about innovation - commented Roman Zabłocki, Business Unit Director, Antal Poland.

6. Finance and Blockchain

In the financial sector and blockchain technologies, starting salaries are approximately 10,000-12,000 PLN, and with experience, they can increase to 30,000 PLN.

In finance and blockchain, the key is to combine financial knowledge with technological skills. It's a field for individuals interested in continuous innovation and intellectual challenges - commented Martyna Grunt-Mejer, Team Leader, IT Services Antal Poland.

7. Psychology and Neurology

In the field of psychology and neurology, at the beginning of one's career, you can expect salaries ranging from 7,000-9,000 PLN, which can increase to 20,000 PLN with experience and additional specializations.

In this field, not only theoretical knowledge but also the ability to apply research practically to solve real-world problems is crucial. It's a field for those who want to combine science with empathy - added Joanna Cieślik, Team Leader, Finance & HR Antal Poland.

8. Materials Engineering and Nanotechnology

Professionals in this field can earn starting salaries of 10,000-12,000 PLN, and with experience, this can increase to 25,000 PLN.

This industry is not just about working in the laboratory but also about having the opportunity to influence the development of new products and technologies. Specialists must demonstrate not only technical knowledge but also creativity - commented Aleksandra Kurasiewicz, Team Manager, Engineering & Operations, Antal Poland.

9. Digital Marketing and Social Media

In the digital marketing and social media industry, initial salaries are in the range of 7,000-8,000 PLN gross, which with later experience can increase to 20,000 PLN monthly.

This is a dynamic field where not only knowledge of tools matters but also the ability to create engaging content and strategies. It requires continuous tracking of trends and flexibility - added Paulina Kwiatkowska, Consultant, Sales & Marketing, Antal Poland

10. Game Design

Students specializing in game design learn not only programming and computer graphics but also storytelling, sound design, and user psychology. These skills enable the creation of captivating, interactive worlds that attract millions of players worldwide.

Specializations such as game design, programming, graphics and animation, scriptwriting and narration, as well as sound and music, open up broad career possibilities in this industry. Graduates can expect initial salaries in the range of 7,000-9,000 PLN monthly, which, with experience and specialization in advanced game programming or project management, can increase to 20,000-30,000 PLN monthly. Roles in testing and quality control, essential for ensuring the high quality of the final product - commented by Karolina Giza, Team Leader, IT Services, Antal Poland.

The gaming industry is not just about programming but also about art, design, and narration. Professionals in this field must combine various skills to create engaging and innovative products.

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