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Antal: 2 out of 3 Professionals Received Raises in 2017

Karina Chowaniak

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- In 2017, the Polish labour market continued to be shaped by trends from previous years. Candidate's market conditions affected nearly all sectors, forcing employers to deal with the "3 Rs", that is recruit, remunerate, retain. The results of our study prove that facing up to the challenge was by no means easy. Even more so when we take into account that professionals and managers received an average of 8 job offers throughout the year. Therefore, employers should not only set business objectives for the coming year but also prepare a human resource management strategy complete with a remunerations system. Employees expect ever higher raises, and companies that want to draw in new talent have to keep in mind that recruiting professionals may cost more than it used to.  Do bear in mind that familiarity with the motivations and needs of individual employees, not necessarily related to salaries, is an important part of building an engaged workforce and protecting your company from attrition – says Artur Skiba, Antal Chairman.

Raises exceed salary expectations accompanying job changes

One in eight employees were in the highest raise bracket (20%) this year. Over a half of our respondents (55%) received raises equal to one fifth of their salary, and one third of employees were not given raises. The results of last year's "Job-Seeking Activity Among Professionals and Managers" survey showed that candidates expected a 23% salary increase when changing jobs. – Employees will, for the most part, prefer to keep their job if offered a raise. If, for example, an employee expects a 20% raise when changing jobs, a 10% raise at their current company will most likely convince them to stay. Anything less and they may start thinking about leaving – says Agnieszka Wójcik, Market Research Manager, Antal.


As pointed out by Antal's Daria Stefańska, SSC/BPO companies have led the way in competitive salaries for years due to the fierce competition in that sector.  – The rapidly growing market generates more and more vacancies, both in newly opened centres as well as those that are expanding their business, which leads to companies competing against each other with higher salaries and broader perk packages. Most business services companies have been consistently giving raises to their employees over the last few years. SSC/BPO employees may expect 5-10% yearly raises. Moreover, employers increasingly often turn to non-financial incentives – says Daria Stefańska, Manager, Antal SSC/BPO.

The lower the raise, the more likely your employees are to start looking for new jobs

Whether a raise was high enough, or if there was any raise at all, will determine employee attitudes. The higher the raise, the less likely it will be for professionals and managers to start looking around for new jobs. Among those respondents who have not received a raise, almost a half (45%) are actively pursuing a job change (e.g. by browsing an applying for job offers). In the case of respondents who placed in the lowest raise bracket, the percentage of job-seekers is 29%, whereas of the respondents who received average raises, 19% are looking for new jobs.

– We can therefore safely assume that raises directly lower attrition. The higher the raises, the lower the risk of losing employees. Of those respondents who received a high raise, only 15% are actively looking for new jobs, while others outright refuse to consider job offers – emphasizes Agnieszka Wójcik, Market Research Manager, Antal.

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