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Antal at EFNI 2023 - new competences, new generations and AI development

Antal had the opportunity to participate in the next edition of the European Forum for New Ideas (EFNI) 2023 in Sopot. This year, our speakers were Artur Skiba, President of Antal, who participated in the panel "New competences or new professions?" and Fabian Pietras, Business Unit Director of Antal IT Services, who, together with Antoni Kałuża, creator of the Econverse foundation, discussed what competitive advantages the use of AI and generation Z can bring to the company.

New competences or new professions?

The development of technologies such as artificial intelligence brings new quality to many areas - including the labor market. People should now prepare for the new playing field on the labor market, especially in the context of completely different competences than those needed until recently, as well as the changing demand for various professions. How to understand continuous professional development in the context of the growing role of AI. Are it new competencies or maybe completely new professions that are now in the spotlight?

The answer to the above question during the EFNI panel discussion on October 12 was:

  • Artur Skiba, President of the Management Board of Antal,
  • Prof. Agnieszka Kurczewska, Department of Economic Functioning, University of Łódź
  • Prof. Piotr Wachowiak, rector, director of the Institute of Management, SGH
  • Małgorzata Dobies-Turulska, president, IKEA Industry Polska
  • Joanna Pruszyńska-Witkowska, vice president, Future Collars

The panel was moderated by Małgorzata Lelińska, department director, Konfederacja Lewiatan.

The key element that guarantees not only the survival but also the development of the company in this dynamically changing reality is the investment in the professional development of employees. What is worth considering is the development and implementation of comprehensive training programs in the field of AI and related technologies, tailored to the specificity of the industry and organization. These trainings should be focused on developing technical competences, but soft skills that enable the effective use of new technologies are equally important. Supporting employees in the process of learning and adapting new skills, including access to the latest knowledge, tools and technologies, is crucial. The importance of an organizational culture open to innovation and learning should also be emphasized. Employees who feel supported and motivated to develop are more willing to explore and adapt new competences, which translates into the company's flexibility and competitiveness - summed up the panel Artur Skiba, President of Antal

What competitive advantages can the use of AI and Generation Z bring to the company?

We support the education of the future and invest in young talents. That's why we invited Antoni Kałuża, creator of Econverse.org, to participate in this year's edition of EFNI - an organization whose mission is to create a community that is not afraid to reach high and seeks solutions to the problems of the modern world. What competitive advantages can the use of AI and Generation Z bring to the company? This question was answered by experts during EFNI Talks on October 13 at 10:45.

More about EFNI: https://efni.pl/en/

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