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Candidates have it better, employers have it worse

Karina Chowaniak

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Improving job situation

Over a half of respondents said that their job situation has improved in the last year. 16% claim that it has improved significantly, while 35% said that it has somewhat improved.

"When respondents talk about their job situation improving, they usually mean receiving raises or other financial gratifications, promotions (both internal and external,) as well as invitations to take part in recruiting processes." - comments Roman Zabłocki, Antal Engineering & Operations manager.

This trend is mostly fuelled by new investments and reinvestments made by companies that were already doing business in Poland, leading to skyrocketing demand for professionals and managers.

"Many companies have realized that it is better to spend more on perks, salaries and training, than to risk losing talent." - concludes Roman Zabłocki.

Candidates keep having it better...

The respondents' assessment of their job situation and market value is directly influenced by the number of invitations to take part in recruiting processes that they receive. On average, professionals and managers receive 8 job offers annually, but some receive as much as several dozen.

Aleksandra Kujawa, Antal IT Services manager, points out that the growing number of job offers received by candidates is a result of many sectors tilting towards an employee's market and the growing impact of social media websites.

"On the one hand, the number of vacancies in the Polish market is growing, and there is a shortage of qualified professionals. On the other hand, it is easier to reach candidates due to the popularity of social media and the digital revolution. IT professionals receive the most offers, but high demand was also observed in the logistics, engineering and finance / accounting sectors." - emphasizes Aleksandra Kujawa.

Average number of job offers received within the last year by sector:

Average number of job offers received within the last year by sector

…whereas companies continue to have it harder

The candidate's market affects employers – companies find it increasingly difficult to find people with the right competencies. More and more workers do not want to change jobs (8%), and the vast majority (62%) does not actively look for job offers and send applications, meaning that they have to be reached directly. Despite the popularity of social media websites recruiting processes are not any getting easier.

"The business social networking fad is over - more and more people stop actively using them. The above statement is backed up by data - the number of respondents who do not update their accounts has climbed from 15% to 20%. Direct relationships with candidates are the way to go. Therefore, reputable recruiting agencies focus their efforts on candidates, and consultants increasingly often take on the role of job advisors and career coaches. Moreover, head hunting, i.e. reaching the right candidates with the right job offers, is gaining in importance." - emphasizes Joanna Kuzioła, Antal Sales & Marketing manager.

Candidates are also becoming firmer in their requirements Similar to last year, 72% of candidates expect raises, at least 20% on average. Over a half of respondents (55%) require that company offices be conveniently located. Employer brand image (41%) and flexible working hours (42%) are also high on the list, with the latter growing in importance with each coming year.

Prerequisites for considering a job offer

Other elements listed by respondents include: workplace atmosphere, work-life balance, remote work, development prospects, interesting professional challenges.

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